6 Best Headbands 2018

Whether you exercise inside or outside, your hair can be a total annoyance during your workouts. In spite of the length of your hair, one problem remains: not being able to concentrate because your hair keeps coming on your face.

There’s one solution to this general inconvenience, and that is getting a high-quality headband.

No longer should you focus on getting your hairs out of your sight. You can finally concentrate on exercising alone.

After researching the market, we have created this buying guide for you, which presents the best headbands for exercising.

Top 6 Headbands Chart

PictureNameFabricPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFabricPriceRating (1-5)
1. RiptGear Yoga Headbands Hippie FlowerPolyester/Spandex$$4.6
2. BLOM Multi Style Headband for Sports or FashionRayon/Viscose$$$$4.6
3. Nike Swoosh HeadbandTerry Cloth$$4.3
4. ELAN - Headband for Women Material, Sweat WickingCotton/ Spandex Blend$$$4.3
5. Halo II Headband Sweatband PulloverSynthetic$$$4.3
6. Bondi Band Solid Moisture Wicking 4" HeadbandLycra/Spandex$ 4.2

Things You Should Consider

One thing is sure: a headband is, first and foremost, a useful accessory. Still, to live up to its objective, you should look for some particular features.

  • Make Sure It Fits. Although this may seem like a basic tip, you’ll be surprised to find out how important this actually is, when it comes to purchasing the best headbands. A headband that is well fitted will deter any annoying interruptions while working out, and keep your hair securely in place when you go about your daily activities.
  • Style. Even though we’re talking about sports headbands, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t match your style and working out outfits. By selecting an item that is suitable for the activity in which you engage, you’ll feel more comfortable with wearing it. Luckily, there are various colors and styles from which you can choose.
  • Blend of Materials. The fabric from which your headband is manufactured plays a significant role as well. Most high-quality items are featured by a material that ensures sweat control. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that your headband will be drenched.
  • Consider Your Type of Hair. Your hair type should also be a factor that you must consider while shopping for headbands. For instance, if you have fluffy, thick hair, we would recommend you to go for a wide, soft headband. Meanwhile, if you have short or straight hair, any type of headband will serve its purpose.

Top 3 Best Headbands Reviews

1. RiptGear Yoga Hippie Flower

Working out shouldn’t mean that you cannot look great as you exercise, does it? These stylish headbands manufactured by Riptgear illustrate just that.

It’s crystal clear that we liked how stylish these looked. At the same time, they are surprisingly comfortable to wear. The material blend of spandex and polyester is just right as to ensure maximum comfort while preventing slipping.

We tested this headband while engaging in numerous activities such as jogging, hiking, cycling, fitness, and yoga. It worked great every single time.

We also wanted to determine how they would behave after multiple washes. We were content as they didn’t lose their elasticity or color.

The headband is 4 inches wide, which means it will hold your hair in place even if you have the most stubborn hair type.

Did we mention how much we liked the prints?

On the whole, we recommend this headband if you want an item that is equally stylish, practical and high-quality.

2. BLOM Multi Style for Sports or Fashion

This is a versatile, equally stylish option of a headband. We liked that you can choose to style this in different ways.

The pleat detailing enables you to wear it folded, in turban style, or pleated front, depending on your needs.

The choice of materials maximizes your comfort while wearing this. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having a headband that slips, or is too narrow, and causes a headache. Nonetheless, you won’t have such problems with this one.

The material has just the perfect stretch to it, as in to deter slipping. Even after washing it, we didn’t notice any difference in its appearance or effectiveness.

All things considered, this headband is comfortable, versatile, practical, and looks great.

3. Nike Swoosh Headband

This Nike Headband does a fantastic job at preventing the sweat from going into your eyes, and keeping stubborn hairs at bay.

The headband retains its elasticity after numerous washes.

What we also liked about this is that you can use the dryer, and this won’t have any effects on the headband. That is quite practical.

Although the quality to this headband is great, we wouldn’t recommend it if your head circumference is rather large, since this tends to run a bit small.

Everything considered, this buying guide on the best headbands will aid you in making a confident, decent purchase. When you are informed, you are sure that you have invested your money in a valuable item.

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