6 Best Cowboy Hats 2017

A custom cowboy hat can run thousands of dollars, depending on the material used to make it and custom detail work required to fulfill the wearer’s tastes.

You’re probably not interested in a hat of that level, so in our guide below, we’ll help you find the best cowboy hats in a more affordable price range.

No dirt-cheap, low-quality hats in our guide, no sir.

We’ll show you quality hats that are priced just right for what you’re getting.

How to Choose the Right One

Here are a few initial tips to help you choose the right hat:

  • Size. Sizing is important because you don’t want a hat that will fly off your head when the first light breeze blows by (too large) nor do you want it too tight.

Aim for snug. If the circumference of your head is an “in-between” measurement, you should choose the next size up. You can use padding to fill in the small gap if necessary.

  • Material. Different materials are appropriate for different situations. We’ll be discussing the options and what occasion each type is most appropriate for below, so be sure to scroll down and read!
  • Brim Shape. There are many, many different brim shapes available, each one with a specific function. The brim shape makes a big difference in certain situations, so unless you’re choosing based on aesthetics only, you’ll want to make sure you choose accordingly.

We’ll discuss this more in detail below, too!

Top 6 Cowboy Hats Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. Resistol Men's Wildfire HatStraw$$$$4.7
2. Stetson Men's Bozeman Wool Felt Crushable Cowboy HatWool Felt$$$4.6
3. Down Under Leather HatLeather$4.6
4. Resistol Jason Aldean Amarillo Sky Mexican Palm Cowboy HatMexican Palm Straw$4.5
5. Silverado Men's Crushable Wool Felt HatWool Felt$$4.3
6. Stetson Men's Alamo HatStraw$$$4.3


The main materials used to make cowboy hats include:

  • Fur-based Felt. These are usually higher in quality and more durable. You’ll want a fur-based felt hat for formal occasions or out working to keep the sun and other elements off of your head, especially in cold/wet weather.
  • Straw. Depending on the weave of the straw and the design, they can be used both formally and informally:

The left hat, for example, is for informal occasions (working out in the garden, light farm work, etc.) while the right hat (also straw) is appropriate for formal occasions.

Some straw hats can get ruined if worn in the rain, so it’s best to use them on sunny days.

  • Leather. Leather hats are another option. The appeal here is that you can crush them and they’ll keep their shape. Many Australian/Outback-style hats are made from leather.

These wear hot in warm weather and keep you warm in cold weather.

If you’re serious about cowboy hats, then you’ll know that one is never enough.

Expect to have one for work, one for formal occasions and maybe an extra hat or two just because. Having options is always a good thing.

The “X”

On both fur-based felt hats and straw hats, you’ll see an “X” or multiple “X’s” printed on the underside of the brim. These mean different things based on the material:

  • On Fur-Based Felt. Here it’s referring to the quality of felt used to make the hat. The more “X’s” you see, the higher the quality. The best cowboy hats can even have 20 X’s, but those are the really expensive ones that we won’t be featuring here.
  • On Straw. Here, the “X’s” refer to the quality of the straw and the tightness of the weave (more X’s = higher quality).

Brim Shape

Since choosing the brim shape is usually based on preference and not by style (and also because it’s possible to customize the brim shape, the only things we can point out are:

  • Flat. These can be wide or narrow, so really, the amount of sun and moisture protection they offer differs. The flatter they are, the less functional they’ll be for actual cowboy duties.
  • Curved. If you’re choosing a hat based on function, curved brims will make lassoing much You may get hit by more sun and precipitation, but you won’t knock the hat off your head as you swing the rope.

Top 3 Best Cowboy Hats Reviews

1. Resistol Wildfire Hat

If you’re looking for a quality straw hat for formal occasions.

You’ll notice that the crown has a decorative open weave, which is great for airflow on hot summer days. The rest of the hat is tightly woven for quality (and to keep the sun off your face. The brim measures 4 ½ inches wide and the crown is 4 1/8 inches tall.

They’ve been making quality (and comfortable) straw hats in the USA since 1927 and really care about quality control.

If you’re in need of something fancy that provides you with plenty of shade and great ventilation, this is the hat for you.

2. Stetson Bozeman Wool Felt Cowboy Hat

Well of course there is a Stetson in our top 3!

This is a great travel hat since you can pack it in a suitcase (it’s made of crushable wool felt) and it will bounce back into its original shape, but it’s not for rough outdoor work. The brim is 3 ¼-inches wide with just a slight curve to it.

If you don’t like straw hats or the weather doesn’t call for one, this is a semi-formal choice that will keep you dry should it start to sprinkle outside.

3. Down Under Leather Hat

Last we have this Australian-style leather hat from Conner Hats.

If you’re working outdoors, this is a great choice since it is crushable (returns to its original shape like the previous one) and it will keep you dry.

Being leather, it will require a few extra maintenance tools (i.e. leather cleaner and conditioner), but it definitely fits well and even has some ventilation holes on each side of the brim to keep you cool.

Overall, an excellent hat if you’re interested in leather!

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