10 Best Nipple Covers

Many women have felt embarrassed and physically uncomfortable by protruding or showing nipples at one point or another in their lives.

The good news is that there is a super easy solution to this embarrassing problem: nipple covers.

Nipple concealers come in a range of types, tones, and styles, and most of them are very comfortable to wear.

If you are wondering about this and trying to figure out what might be the best nipple covers for your needs, read on to find our top picks.

Different Uses for Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are useful in various situations :

1. Pregnancy
2. Summer
3. Travel
4. Sports
5. Go Braless

  • Pregnancy – If you have just started nursing, then you may want to consider the thicker silicone type of bra disc or nipple concealers for a little extra support for chafed nipples and leakage.
  • Summer – Summer dresses can be sheer and super sexy, and many have spaghetti straps that show bras easily. If you want to go bra-free, you can still ensure proper coverage with boob covers.
  • Travel – Nipple covers are awesome alternatives to packing bras if you often travel to scorching places. Wear them under skimpy sundresses, thin t-shirts, and even bikinis.
  • Sports – Nipple covers help prevent chafing during activities that require a lot of movement. Pair them with a comfortable sports bra if you feel self-conscious about nipple protrusion when lifting weights or running.
  • Go Braless – Those who like this idea may still want some protection over the nipple area, whether it be to protect them from fabric irritation or to keep a smooth profile on the bosom when you “nip out.”

Choosing the Best Nipple Cover for Your Needs

Here are a few different types of nipple covers

1. Silicone Covers
2. Bra Discs

Did you even know that there is a huge range of options when it comes to nipple coverage? You no longer have to wear those old-fashioned adhesive type “bras” with your strapless dresses.

  • Silicone Covers – Silicone is an excellent material for this purpose because it basically sticks on your skin. Silicone is hypoallergenic and easy to wash and reuse. It’s also very flexible. This type of boob cover tends to taper around the edges, so you can’t see the covers through the material.
  • Bra Discs – These types of nipple concealers are for slipping into the bra and don’t come with adhesive. They are great if you regularly wear bras with thin material and want to slip a little extra padding in there for comfort.
  • Pasties – You can buy disposable or reusable pasties that have extra adhesive to stick to your skin. These are typically better for one-time use, costume and travel.

Features of Good Nipple Covers

In this chapter we gathered up for you some of the features of the best nipple covers:

1. Materials
2. Sizes
3. Shapes

  • Materials – Most re-usable nipple covers are silicone material. Some reusable options may be polyester and acrylic fabrics, as well as disposables. Some boob covers come with an adhesive to stay in place.
  • Sizes – Nipple covers come in different sizes for different sized nipples from small to large. You can also get different colors and skin shades in most nipple cover brands.
  • Shapes – Most nipple covers are round or oval in shape, although you get petal shapes as well that look almost like a flower.

Reviews: Best Nipple Covers

Below we have some of the best nipple cover brands.
Nipple covers are available for all occasions;

  • These little disks offer excellent coverage and conceal the nipple without showing through. They’re so thin and versatile.
  • These are adhesive, so they stick well through many activities and are great for formal outings or if you are looking for reliable, all-day coverage.
  • These nipple covers won’t show or slip off. They fit most sizes up to a D cup, offering an awesome option for those considering going braless. You won’t see any ridges or wrinkles showing through the shirt.
  • If you have bigger nipples, these should fit you. Consider buying a size bigger than you think you need.
  • Wear these with halters, bikinis, and backless gowns for extra coverage through the summer and beyond.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.5


  • These nipple covers are a very cool design made to fit a range of different-sized nipples.
  • The curved slits make them adjustable and super comfortable, no matter how you want to wear them. They’re easily washable and reusable and will last for years.
  • These are great options for sports bras or other thin bras if you’re worried about your nipples showing through.
  • These discs are made to fit almost anyone, so they’re great options for those with fuller breasts and don’t fit other types of nipple covers.
  • They’re great for everyday or occasional wear.
  • If you’re thinking of going bra-free or even switching to more comfortable, thinner bra fabrics, these can be a lifesaver if you’re worried about your nipples peeking through. They’re also perfect for white-shirt and summer-dress days.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%94.25

  • If you’re looking for reliable nipple coverage, look no further than these silicone pasties.
  • They won’t’ show through your clothes and will stay in place for hours. They’ll even give you a little bit of a lift just where you need it.
  • One of the things that make Daisies Nipple Cover Pasties the best nipple covers is that you can reuse them repeatedly.
  • The silicone material means that they are super sturdy and soft to wear. They are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and great for many purposes.
  • These little puppies will not irritate your skin and are absolutely perfect for traveling, especially in hot climates when you want to go bra-free or under that thin bikini top.
  • They are totally waterproof, and You won’t see the outline when you wear them either.

  • The Hollywood Fashion Secrets Nipple Covers come in a medium shade that will suit most skin types.
  • These are soft silicone-based nipple covers that ate gentle and hypoallergenic on delicate skin.
  • The Nipple covers will stay in place and effectively conceal your nipples.
  • They have a smooth and soft texture.


  • The DIMRS nipple covers are self-adhesive and will not slip off.
  • They consist of hypoallergenic silicone that is soft and safe to use,
  • The Non-Adhesive covers are available in nude and cocoa color options for all skin tones.
  • They are durable and reusable, as well as manufactured in the USA.


  • The Nalia Nipple Covers come in two pairs.
  • They are ultra-thin and comfortable as well as re-usable.
  • You can go braless with these nipple pasties as they are self-adhesive and comfortable to wear.
  • The ultra-thin design will also not show under your clothing.


  • The Braza Petal-shaped nipple covers are disposable and available in different shades for different skin tones.
  • They consist of a polyester and acrylic material with an additional adhesive, and they can be disposed of after use.
  • The soft materials will absorb sweat and keep you dry and comfortable all day.
  • They are also waterproof so you can wear them while swimming.


  • A bit larger in size are the Miilye nipple covers for larger nipples.
  • They are silicone pasty-type nipple covers that have an adhesive and are re-usable.
  • The covers come in two pairs and have a petal shape.
  • The silicone used is pure and hypoallergenic for delicate and sensitive skin types.
  • They are available in different sizes for different cup sizes.


  • From Pinky Pastels, we have nipple pasties reusable and will not make your breasts all sticky.
  • The nipple covers come in different nude color options and are made of a soft and re-usable silicone material.
  • They will not leave your breasts sticky and are self-adhesive in design.
  • The thin design is very lightweight and discreet.

Brand: Senchanting

  • The Senchanting nipple covers are thin and very discreet underneath your clothes or even a bikini top.
  • They are re-usable silicone-based nipple covers that are also hypoallergenic.
  • This nipple covers come in pairs of four and different color options.
  • You will get four round pairs and four flower petal shape pairs.
  • They are fully washable and re-usable.

  • The Nipple Covers have a unique matte design.
  • They are portable and can easily fit in your handbag.
  • The nipple covers consist of A-Grade silicone.
  • They are soft and a darker brown color.

  • The Nipple covers a soft 100% woven polyester with a silicone adhesive.
  • They come in a darker brown shade and have a flower cut.
  • They are easy to use and skin safe, however, you should test them for skin allergies first.
  • the nipple covers are durable and also easily portable.

Index Table: Top Rated Nipple Covers

1Nippies Women's Skin - Best Nipple Cover Brands
  • Adhesive
  • Skin Color
  • Reliable
2Bezi Women's Bra Discs - Nipple Covers
  • Conceals
  • Ideal for Sports Bras
  • Cool Design
3Nudwear Women's Daisies - Boob Covers
  • Reliable
  • Soft
  • Silicone
4Hollywood Women's Fashion Secrets - Covers for Your Nipples
  • Medium Shade
  • Silicone
  • Cruelty Free
5DIMRS Women's Self Adhesive - Nude Nipples Covers
  • Nude Color
  • Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic
6Nalai Women's Ultra-Thin - Nipple Covers
  • Silicone
  • Thin
  • Hypoallergenic
7Braza Women's Petal Top - Best Nipple Covers for Silk Dresses
  • Disposable
  • Polyester and Acrylic
  • Waterproof
8Miilye Women's Large - Nipple Coverings
  • Silicone
  • Larger Size
  • Reusable
  • Adhesive
9Pinky Petals Women's Pasties - Best Nipple Pasties
  • Reusable
  • Silicone
  • Adhesive
Pinky Petals87.6
10Senchanting Women's Thin - Nipple Concealers
  • Adhesive
  • Reusable
  • Four Pairs Inlcuded
11MuQu Women's Silicone Pasties - Nipple Covers
  • Silicone
  • Soft and Matte
12Maidenform Women's Five Pairs - Nipple Covers
  • Re-Usable
  • Flower Cut
  • Brown Color

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