10 Best Jeans for Muffin Top

There are plenty of guides out there that help you find jeans for a pear-shaped figure, a plus size figure, or petite figure, but which jeans help control the muffin top?

It can be frustrating and depressing to try on pair after pair without finding one that fits, so rather than wasting your time and emotions on repeated failures, refer to our guide so you can cut straight to the right pair.

Here, we discuss some of the best jeans for muffin top control and provide you with useful tips to help you choose the right pair as you shop. Read on to see which brands made a list and what our experts have to say about the best jeans for muffin top, you can also check out our best muffin top shorts for more info.

How to Choose the Correct Jean Rise

In this chapter we will discuss the different types of jeans rises:

1. Low Rise Jeans
2. Mid Rise Jeans
3. High-Rise Jeans

Jeans come in different types of rises, which refers to how high up the jeans comes over your body;

  • Low Rise Jeans – The Low Rise Jeans sit very low on your hips and do not cover your stomach. This rising is the worst choice you can make to hide a muffin top.
  • Mid Rise Jeans – The Mid-Rise Jeans sit in the middle area and covers a Muffin top.
  • High-Rise Jeans – High Rise Jeans come up very high over your hip and will cover your stomach and muffin top almost completely.

What About the Cut?

In this chapter we will discuss the different body cuts:

1. Apple Figure
2. Short Legs
3. Long legs
4. Hourglass Figure
5. Pear Figure

  • Apple Figure – If you have an apple-shaped figure and you’re tall, try some bootcut jeans or even a pair of skinny jeans with a high waist.
  • Short Legs – If you have short legs and full thighs, try some boyfriend jeans or cropped styles.
  • Tall legs – Skinny Jeans;Boot Cut and generally any full-length jeans are ideal for anyone tall.
  • Hourglass Figure – If you have an hourglass figure, be sure to avoid the flare and bootcut as they can exaggerate your curves. Do try some mid-rise straight leg jeans or skinny jeans.
  • Pear Figure – Pear-shaped figures look great with a skinny jeans or straight leg jeans.

You Might Enjoy an Elastic Panel

If you hate the button bulge on the front of your jeans, then you might enjoy wearing a pair that has an elastic panel at the top.
Pull-on Jeans styles and most Jeggings do not have buttons and zips, and they are very flattering in the mid area, where they will also hide a muffin top.

Take in Consideration

Muffin Top Jeans

  • Cut – You can wear almost any cut type with a Muffin top, it will all depend on your actual body shape. A boot Cut, Skinny Jean, Straight leg or even Flare cut is ideal.
  • Rise – The rise of the jeans is important to hie a muffin top; a high rise or medium-rise is advised.
  • Materials – Most of the jean materials I have listed consist of polyester or Cotton as the main fiber, or a blend of both, as well as spandex or elastane for stretch.
  • Colors and Washes – The Jeans models I have chosen come in a variety of color washes as well as solid options from which you can choose, depending on eth brand.
  • Length – The jean’s length will depend on your body shape and whether you have shorter or taller legs. A full length is a good option for taller persons, and for shorter legs, a cropped or Capri design jeans are advised.

Reviews: Best Jeans for Muffin Tops

Out of all the jeans we tried, we found these are the best jeans to hide muffin top and the most successful at controlling the dreaded muffin top effect.


  • From Lee, we have the plus-sized relaxed fit option for larger girls wanting to hide a muffin top belly.
  • The mid-rise hides a muffin top while the straight legs have a slimming effect.
  • There are five pockets and embroidered back pockets for a fashionable style.
  • Furthermore, the jeans are relaxed and comfortable in fit without being too tight.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Durability & Quality20%90
Color Selection15%95
Total Score100%94

  • The ultimate high-rise skinny muffin top jeans on our list come from Vibrant. If you’re looking for something stretchy, you will love these because they have a bit of Spandex mixed with rayon, cotton, and polyester.
  • Pear-shaped figures and women with plenty of curves look and feel fabulous in these jeans. It doesn’t matter if you have a narrow waist or a bit wider. Find your size and slip it on to experience the ultimate tummy and butt control.
  • Be careful when selecting a size because, as you will notice, they only offer to size in odd numbers.
  • If you’re a 6 or an 8, for example, you will have to choose the next size up or down.
  • The problem with this is that most women either tend to get a pair that fits in the leg but not in the waist or a pair that is just too small.
  • All jeans have a 29-inch inseam, and if you manage to find your size, you will love what they do for your tummy.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Durability & Quality20%90
Color Selection15%95
Total Score100%93

  • Levi’s Curvy jeans have a mid-rise, which will effectively hide a muffin top without being too high.
  • The Curvy design hugs your curves and flatters all the right places.
  • There are different colors and wash options available in this jeans model.
  • Levi’s jeans are machine washable and wash out to look fashionable.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Durability & Quality20%90
Color Selection15%90
Total Score100%92.25

  • Jag jeans offer you a style for short and smaller ladies that also covers up a muffin top.
  • The jeans have a pull-on design and wideband, making them extra flattering and the best muffin top hiding jeans.
  • They consist of cotton, polyester, and spandex for stretch.
  • There are also three color options available from which you can select.

  • We have boyfriend-style jeans from Kut, which are ideal for taller ladies and most figure types.
  • The jeans have a mid-rise to hide a muffin top as well as a zipper closure.
  • There are rolled cuffs for a fashionable look, as well as a few color options available.
  • The back rise is likewise farther up than the front rise.

  • Levi’s slimming jeans are skinny jeans that are figure-hugging and slimming.
  • There is a mid-rise that sits at the waist to hide a muffin top.
  • The jeans consist of cotton, polyester, and elastane.
  • There is also a zip closure and skinny leg design.

  • The Riders Jeans from Lee come in four color washes from which you can select.
  • They have a relaxed straight leg fit that works well for most shapes.
  • The midrise will hide your muffin top, and the five pockets create a stylish appeal.
  • There is a zip fly closure with a button and a button closure design.
  • The jeans consist mostly of cotton and spandex with no polyester.

  • Dickies are another trendy clothing brand that makes some of the best jeans.
  • This style has a straight leg and relaxed fit to flatter any boy type on tall and short ladies.
  • The contoured waistband with stretch lining prevents gapping at the back and hides your muffin top.
  • The mid-rise waist is flattering and slimming.
  • There are also three color washes from which you can choose.

  • We love these jeans because they offer sizes for short, regular, and long legs so that everyone will find a length no matter how tall (or how short) she is.
  • They’re stretchy thanks to the elastane mixed in with the cotton and polyester, and as mid-rise jeans, they will give you a light amount of control if you have some small love handles that have a mind of your own.

  • Pear-shaped figures with a few extra curves around the tummy will love the Suki jeans from Silver.
  • These high-rise jeans come in various waist sizes with two different inseam options, including 31 inches or 33 inches if your legs are longer.
  • The cut is very flattering, especially if you have fuller thighs and a fuller backside. You don’t have to worry about exposing yourself when you bend down to pick up something or sit in a chair!
  • We do realize that they’re a bit more expensive than some of the other brands, so if your weight fluctuates often, then you might want to think twice before investing in them.
  • Too bad they don’t come in very many washes because we probably would have purchased a few more pairs.

Index Table: Top Rated Muffin Top Jeans

1Lee Women's Plus Size - Straight Leg Jeans to Hide a Muffin Top
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Straight Legs
  • Plus Sizes
2Vibrant Women's Skinny - Jeans to Hide a Muffin Top
  • Skinny
  • Size Options Plus Size
  • 29-Inch Seam
3Levi’s Women's Curvy - Bootcut Jeans for a Muffin Top
  • Boot Cut
  • Curvy Size
  • Mid Stretch Design
4Jag Women's Petite - Best Pants for Muffin Top
  • Ideal for Short Legs
  • Smaller Sizes
  • Color Options
5KUT Women's Kloth Catherine - Best Jeans for Muffin Top
  • Boyfreind Design
  • Loose Fit
  • Tonal Top Stitch
6Levi’s Women's Skinny - Muffin Top Jeans
  • Button Closure
  • Slim Hip Fit
  • Wash and Dry Design
7Riders Lee Women's Indigo - Jeans to Hide a Muffin Top
  • Straight Leg
  • Button Closure
  • Relaxed Fit
Riders Lee89
8Dickies Women's Relaxed - Jeans for a Muffin Top
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Straight Leg
  • Higher Rise
9Levi Strauss Women's Skinny - Muffin Top Hiding Jeans
  • Stretchy
  • Skinny Shape
  • High Rise
Levi Strauss88.1
10Silver Jeans Women's Baby - Muffin Top Jeans
  • High Rise
  • Pear Shape Ideal
  • Waist Size OPtions
Silver Jeans87.9

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