10 Best Jeans for Women 2018

When it comes to highlighting the best jeans for women, we took a lot of things into consideration before we chose the pairs on our list below.

Like the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Different washes can work great with some skin tones and do nothing for others. Price. Cut. Inseam length. You name it, we thought of it.

If you’re not sure what style of jean will flatter your unique figure, then this is where you’ll find the answers.

Stop focusing on what looks great on other gals and worry more about what will make you look good!

Ready? Here we go!

Where to Begin

Before you even think about taking a pair of jeans off the rack and trying them on, here are a few things to take into consideration as you start the process of elimination:

  • Height. Short, medium or tall? Your height will help determine which jeans are OK and which to avoid.
  • Body Shape. Square, round, hourglass, straight, pear, apple, inverted triangle? When choosing the right pair of jeans, it’s all about balancing out the proportions in order to achieve the best results
  • Cut. There are many styles of jeans available. We’ll be focusing more on the different choices below so keep reading!
  • Occasion. Jeans are most popular in casual settings but can also work in professional settings if you get the right cut and color.Darker jeans are best in more professional settings and the cut depends entirely on your shape and the top that you plan to wear.
  • Coloring. Your skin tone and hair color will help you choose the right color. Dark jeans look great on everyone; it’s the colored jeans and the lighter jeans that you need to be careful with. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with some different washes, colors, and shades!

Top 10 Jeans for Women Comparison Table

PictureNameCutPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCutPriceRating (1-5)
1. Levi's 529 Curvy Bootcut JeanBootcut$$4.5
2. VibrantClassic High Waist Denim Skinny JeansSkinny$$4.4
3. Women Fashion Trendy Sexy High Waisted Stylish Flare Bell Bottom JeanFlare$4.4
4. NYDJ Women's Plus-Size Hayden Modern Bootcut JeansBootcut$$$4.4
5. Lucky Brand Women's Plus-Size Reese Boyfriend JeanBoyfriend$$$4.4
6. KUT from the Kloth Women's Catherine Boyfriend JeanBoyfriend$$$4.3
7. Levi's Junior's 535 Super Skinny JeanSkinny$$4.2
8. Wrangler Women's Cowgirl Cut Ultimate Riding Jean Q-Baby Midrise JeanStraight$$4.2
9. Lee Women's Classic Fit Monroe Straight Leg JeanStraight$4.1
10. Levi's Women's Plus-Size 580 Curvy Bootcut JeanBootcut$$4.1


Take your height and leg length into consideration as you choose. In general, here are some tips based on your height:

  • Short. Those of you with short legs and large thighs will look good in a pair of boyfriend jeans. The fit is more relaxed and the cropped cuff will help lengthen your silhouette.
  • Medium. Those of you somewhere in the middle should consider leg length. If you have longer legs but a shorter torso, opt for a low-rise pair of jeans.

Longer torso and shorter legs? Medium-rise and high-rise jeans will look great on you.

The cut and style vary depending on the shape of your figure!

  • Tall. Flare, bootcut, and skinny jeans will look great on you. Be careful with cropped jeans and boyfriend cuts, as they can make you look “chopped off” and shorter.

Body Shape

Now that you have some styles in mind based on your height, calculate in your body shape:

  • Slim, Slender. Stick with straight leg or skinny jeans if you have a slim, slender figure (square or rectangular shape). Try a pair of high-rise jeans if you want to give your figure more curves.
  • Curvy Hips. Bootcut, yes. Flare, no. Curvy hips will look good in a pair of slim bootcut jeans, but the flare is too much.
  • Flat Booty. To enhance your flat backside, get a pair of jeans with large pockets or pockets that have flaps.
  • Hourglass. Mid-rise skinny or straight leg jeans. No flare and no bootcut.
  • Pear. Bootcut or flared jeans are great for peers who have wide hips and a narrow torso. Mid-rise is probably most comfortable.
  • Apple. Get some skinny or bootcut jeans with a high waist.


There are quite a few styles available. Do you know the differences?

 Bootcut Skinny BoyfriendFlare


There are many variations of these styles, but we’ll stick with the main ones here in order to avoid confusion.

Plus Size

If you have a plus size figure, then here are a few tips to help you choose the right jeans for your shape:

  • Short Legs, Full Thighs. If you have short legs and fuller thighs, try a pair of boyfriend jeans. They have a looser fit (great in the thigh area) and help lengthen the appearance of your legs.
  • No Waist, Athletic Build. For a curvier, athletic build and a straight torso, you’ll look good in a nice pair of flare or bootcut jeans.
  • Minimize Booty. Look for jeans that hug your curves and stick with large, flat pockets. No flaps!

Don’t be afraid of the skinny jeans, either! Typically, solid colors work best, however, some of you may be able to pull off a pair of multi-wash skinnies.

Top 5 Best Jeans for Women Reviews

There are plenty of great jeans out there and everyone’s definition of “the best jeans for women” will vary. We’ve included a mixture of choices that vary in style and price range to help you find what you’re looking for.

Here are the top five picks:

1. Levi’s 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean

Levi’s makes some excellent jeans in the mid-price range and their Curvy Bootcut series is a favorite of women with a curvier figure (pear and hourglass shapes).

These are mid-rise jeans with an 18 ¾-inch opening at the bottom of the leg. The top of the jean fits nicely on those of you with a curvier backside that rises up to a narrower waist because it doesn’t leave the gap that normal mid-rise jeans do on curvier figures.

There are seven different washes available, so if you’re not fond of the wash highlighted above, have a look at the other great options!

2. Vibrant Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans

Looking for a great pair of high-rise skinny jeans? Vibrant has a popular pair that will have you curvy girls swooning.

There are two faux pockets in the front and two flat, open pockets in the back (so they won’t accentuate the booty too much). These are great skinnies for you taller gals with fuller hips, thighs, and backside. They’re stretchy (2% Spandex) so they hug your body comfortably.

There are five other washes to choose from so have a look at them all to find the one you need!

Shorter gals should beware as these have a longer inseam.

3. Fandsway High-Waisted Flare Jean

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans with a nice flare at the bottom, then Fandsway makes this reasonably priced pair.

We just showed you some great high-waist skinny jeans and now we have a pair of high-waist/mid-waist (the term “high” is not quite accurate) flare jeans that work well on longer legs.

These are also stretchy (1% Spandex) and work great with high heels. They’re form-fitting and comfortable to wear.

There are ten different washes and some of them have different top closures (one button, lace up and button, three buttons) which are great when you need more/less control on the top.

Reasonably priced jeans that we’d buy again!

4. NYDJ Plus-Size Hayden Bootcut Jeans

These plus-size bootcut jeans from NYDJ. Quality denim, comfortable fit and a unique “lift and tuck” top that helps enhance your curves in the back while flattening your tummy in the front. An excellent combination!

These have a small amount of stretch to them (1% Spandex) and they have five pockets, perfect for those with fuller thighs and backside!

You might need to order a size smaller with these because they stretch out as you use them. That means they may feel tight at first, but if you don’t give up on them, they’ll relax into a comfortable fit.

Solid dark denim without all of the wear lines and frills. A good, sensible pair of jeans!

5. Lucky Brand Plus-Size Reese Boyfriend Jean

Lucky makes plenty of great jeans, and we just love these plus-size boyfriend jeans with a comfortable, relaxed fit.

Ideal for casual wear in the warmer months, these boyfriend jeans are made of distressed denim that has a slight stretch to it (1% Elastane used in the denim).

Some find that they need to order a size down while others need a size up. This is a common problem with curvy figures, though, because everyone wears their curves in different places!

Just be sure to measure carefully before you try them. The quality of the denim is excellent which is why you pay a bit more. Totally worth it, in our opinion!

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