10 Best Jeans for Apple Shape Figures 2017

Not sure how to embrace your luscious apple-shaped curves in a pair of jeans? We’ll show you how in this detailed guide.

Finding the best jeans for apple shape figures is easy if you know the basic style rules to follow. The key is in the rise of the waist and the pant legs.

Not all apples are the same, so keep that in mind as you browse through the top 10 jeans in our table and read our tips.

You will have no problem finding the right jeans with the help of our tips, so read on to find out what to look for as you shop.

Top 10 Jeans for Apple Shape Figures Table

PictureNameStylePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameStylePriceRating (1-5)
1. NYDJ Women's Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg JeansPlus Size Straight$$$4.4
2. Levi's Women's 529 Curvy Bootcut JeanBootcut Mid-Rise$$4.3
3. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women's Plus-Size Skinny JeanPlus Size Skinny$4.2
4. Levi's Women's Mid Rise Skinny JeanSkinny Mid-Rise$$4.2
5. NYDJ Women's Barbara Bootcut JeansBootcut$$$$4.2
6. Lee Women's Modern Series Curvy Fit Bootcut JeanBootcut Mid-Rise$$4.1
7. Lee Women's Easy Fit Frenchie Capri JeanFrench Capris$$$4.1
8. WallFlower Plus Size Basic Legendary Skinny JeansPlus Size Skinny$$4.0
9. Dickies Women's Relaxed Straight Leg JeanStraight Relaxed$$3.9
10. PajamaJeans Women's Bootcut Stretch Knit Denim JeansBootcut Stretch$3.8

Secrets Revealed – How to Dress Your Figure

Don’t despair. While you may have had problems finding the ideal pair of jeans for your figure up until now, we’ll share the secrets to success in this section so you can find a pair that you can’t wait to slip on daily.

  • Waist Rise. Low-rise jeans are out of the question; they are uncomfortable on your figure and will probably create a muffin top. High-rise jeans that sit over your belly button are too high, accentuating you in all of the wrong places.

Instead, opt for mid-rise jeans that will offer you a bit of control without the muffin top.

  • Wide Pant Legs. It’s all about balancing the proportions of your body, so if you opt for pants with a bit of a flare at the bottom, this will help even out your silhouette.

The Bootcut jean is perfect for many apple-shaped figures since the flare isn’t too exaggerated. Some apple-shaped figures can also opt for straight leg jeans, but just make sure that it balances out your particular figure. Try before you buy!

  • Darker Colors. For a slimming effect, be sure to stick with dark washes.

Your Height Also Impacts Your Decision

Petites do well with a cropped leg. Some tall figures can pull it off, as well, but it can also end up looking like you’re wearing jeans that are too small for your frame, so be careful with the cropped look if you’re tall.

The Bootcut works well on tall frames, as does the skinny jean if you pair it with the right footwear.

There are actually quite a few possibilities when it comes to jeans for the apple, just remember that the top and the shoes will also influence your overall look, so don’t depend too much on just the jeans as you shop. Keep the other parts of the outfit in mind, as well!

Top 3 Best Jeans for Apple Shape Reviews

1. NYDJ Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans

If you’re tall and you have an apple shaped figure, then NYDJ’s Marilyn Jeans are a good match for you.

They are slightly stretchy and rise just high enough on the waist to give you a slimming effect while the seat provides you with a bit of lift for your behind.

The inseam is 33 inches, which is why we suggested them for tall apples, and thanks to the mixture of cotton and spandex, they offer you a comfortable, glove-like fit. The washes are dark and flattering, but we would be careful the Valencia wash since it is quite flat without any patterns or fading.

These are plus size jeans, so if you have apple curves that run between size 14 Plus to size 24 Plus, you should definitely consider them.

2. Levi’s 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean

As we mentioned earlier, some of the best jeans for apple shape figures have a Bootcut flare at the bottom, and Levi’s 529 curvy jeans are a particular hit for apples.

These features an 18 ¾-inch wide boot leg opening and the mid-rise waist sits below the belly button, rising 8 ¾ inches up the waist.

The 529’s are designed to fit slim in the hip and thigh, which is exactly what you want when you have an apple-shaped figure.

The four washes that they come in are all a bit on the dark side and they will provide you with a slimming effect.

If you have an average apple figure, then these jeans will probably work for you. Fuller apple figures with a rounder waist will have more luck with Levi’s 515 Bootcut, so check it out if this particular cut doesn’t work for you!

3. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co

Petite apple-shaped figures will look great in these skinny capris jeans from Levi Strauss. We love that they are affordable but not low in quality.

Don’t expect a tight, skinny fit with these; they end up feeling more like narrow straight-legged jeans on some figures, meaning that the fit might be a bit more relaxed if you have narrower thighs.

On the waist, they rise high enough to give you some control without creating a muffin top, but since they are plus sized, you might have a hard time finding a balance between the perfect waist size and ideal leg fit.

The legs come in short and medium lengths, so tall apples won’t benefit much from them, but if you’re tall and looking for great skinny jeans, you will have luck with the Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jean (number 4).

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