Business Suits for Big Busts

When you need to wear a business suit for work or just want to wear it for a more professional look in a business setting, or professional work environment, you may have noticed that the fit is not always as accommodating. This is especially true for more busty ladies.

Finding a proper fitting suit can be quite a task, so we are here to help you find the best business suit for big busts.

Dressing Professionally When You are Busty

Before I get into the best business suits for busty ladies, let’s first consider how to dress for a more professional work environment and how to enhance the overall look of your business suit;

  • Your Bra – The right type of bra and the right fit is necessary. Take proper measurements and get a bra that fits well, not too loose or tight. For a larger bust, I would advise a bra with fuller coverage and wider shoulder bands that will not dig into your shoulders, and a comfortable and proper fitting bra will have you feeling confident, comfortable and keep a proper posture and shape. Next, do not wear lingerie type skimpy bras for work. Rather try a fuller cover and T-Shirt type bra that is smooth and unnoticeable.
  • Necklines – The neckline of the top that you wear underneath the suit jacket should be a V—neck or Scoop design that is not too low or high to be appropriate for work but still flattering for a larger bust. You can also opt for a camisole to draw attention away from the bust area and provide more coverage if your neckline is really low.
  • Avoid Gaping Shirts – Avoid shirts that are too tight and that gape. Select your tops to be a comfortable fitted style underneath your suit jacket but not too tight around the bust.
  • Know Your Body Shape – the type of business suit that you need to get will also largely depend on your body shape and what suits your unique body shape best.
  • More Buttons on Your Suit Jackets – Always opt for a suit jacket that has more buttons than you can close to the button and higher up so that it does not gape.

How to Wear a Business Suit

The most important thing to factor in when getting a business suit for larger busts is to get a proper fitting size that does not feel too tight around your breasts, and that also has more button options.

Other than that, here are a few ideas of how you can wear a business suit.

  • Mix Fabrics and Colors – While traditional business suits are the go-to, you do not have to stick to this rule, you can mix and match different fabric types to suit your needs. This is especially ideal as a more stretchy material will be more accommodating for larger breasts.
  • Color and Style Variations – You do not have to stick to traditional solid or striped colors or straight hip-length jackets. You can opt for longer-length jackets that are flowier, peplum styles, cropped styles, and many more. You can also opt for different colors with a solid pair of pants and printed colored jacket, or have both printed or in colors.
  • Bottoms – The bottoms can consist of a pencil skirt, A-Line Skirt, or a flared skirt which are acceptable in business suits for ladies. If you prefer pants, you can go for the regular straight leg or opt for a more flared leg or opposite skinny leg bottom design.

Features of a Good Business Suit for a Big Bust

Business Two Piece

  • Materials – A business suit can consist of a variety of materials such as cotton, linen, and bamboo that is natural, or synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. Spandex may be added for some stretch.
  • Design – Most Business suits have a structured and tailored design, although today there are many more styles and options available. The suit can consist of a Jacket with either pants or a skirt, and the jacket can be different lengths.
  • Closure – A business suit jacket will have button or zip closures, whereas the bottoms may be elasticated or have a zip and button closure.
  • Options – You can get most brands of business suits n plus and standard size options, as well as a few more color selections.

Reviews: Best Business Suits for Big Busts

Here are some of our top favorite business suits for bustier ladies;


  • This is a two-piece plaid business suit for ladies with a large bust.
  • The Business suit comes in more colors and designs.
  • It has a blazer with a notched lapel and shoulder pads as well as a button closure.
  • The pants are a straight-leg design with a zip closure and belt loops.
  • The set consists of 100% polyester.


  • From MaryCrafts, we have a business suit set with a skirt bottom.
  • The set is available in plenty of solid colors as well as for ore size options.
  • The suite consists of rayon, nylon, and spandex, so it is quite stretchable.
  • Their top has a button closure and an elegant style.
  • The bottom is a pencil skort design that hangs just below the knee.


  • From Yunclos, we have three color options suits in neutral greys and black.
  • The suit has the perfect design for a bustier lady.
  • The jacket has a more open neckline and is fitted around the waist.
  • The pants are tapered and have a zip closure.
  • The business suit is polyester and viscose for soft comfort.


  • This is a two-button luxury Business suit Jacket for ladies with large busts.
  • Please take note that this is the jacket only.
  • The jacket consists of polyester, rayon, and spandex.
  • There are a few neutral colors available to you as well as petite, standard and plus sizes.


  • The Tahari ASL is a business suit set with a skirt for plus sized bustier ladies.
  • The set comes with a tailored fit jacket and a pencil skirt.
  • There are soft pastel colors available in plus size options.
  • The set consists of polyester and elastane fabric.


  • The Le Suit Business suit for ladies is ideal for bustier ladies.
  • The jacket has three buttons and a peak lapel.
  • The pants are a straight-cut design.
  • The suit has a pinstripe and solid color in black and white,
  • The business suit consists of polyester and rayon with a three-button closure on the jacket.
  • Furthermore, you can get it up to a size 18.

Index Table: Top Rated Business Suits for Big Busts

1Plaid Women's Two Peice - Big Bust Business Suit
  • Two Piece
  • Plaid
  • May Colors
2Marycrafts Women's Formal - Business Suit for a Big Bust
  • Jacket and Skirt Set
  • Formal Style
  • Many Colors
3Yunclos Women's Elegant - Business Suit for a Big Bust
  • Two Piece
  • Pants and Blazer Three Neutral Colors
4Ca;vin Klein Women's - Big Bust Business Suit Jacket
  • Jacket Only
  • Colors
  • Fits and Sizes Available
  • Suit Jacket
Ca;vin Klein96
5Tahari Women's ASL - Business Suits for Big Bust
  • Plus Sizes Available
  • More Colors
  • Pencil Skirt and Jacket Set
6Le Suit Women's Three Button - Business Suits for a Big Bust
  • Suit Set
  • Three Button Jacket
  • Pinstripe Design
  • More Colors
Le Suit97

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