Best Shirts for Flat Chest

If you ever feel discouraged about your flat chest, you are not alone, and there are plenty of women out there with a similar problem.

Keep in mind, just because you lack in the chest apartment does not mean that you cannot make stylish and elegant dress choices, to make a statement all on your own.

This article will help you find the best shirts for flat-chests that will create volume and the illusion of a full busty chest in no time.

How To make a Flat Chest Look Beautiful

Before we get into the best shirts for flat-chests, here are a few tips to create a more beautiful and fuller chest;

  • Dress Styles for Flat Chests – There are clothing items that almost only flat-chested ladies can wear without having to worry about bra straps sticking out, a lack of support. Strapless tops, sideless dresses, and halter neck tops can all be your best friends, and you can go completely braless. You can also use a scarf or bandanna as a top or use a bandeau top. Then there are the cropped tops and jackets, which all create some volume at your top. Also, why not go with more masculine tailored clothing ideas? You already have the perfect shape, so embrace it.
  • Play with Color – Remember dark colors have a slimming effect and light colors create volume. So play with color. Opt for tops with a lighter color in the chest or top area and darker in the middle and bottom. Also, opt for horizontal stripes that create volume. Then you can go for larger prints, florals, and polka dots, which also create some volume, particularly in the chest area.
  • Fit – Avoid loose-fitting clothing as they will only look sloppy; instead, opt for a tighter fit with a nipped or empire waist that creates more bulk at the chest area and a tighter fit around the waist.
  • Necklines – Choose Cowl Necklines, V-Necks, and Halter Neck top as these all create the illusion of a fuller chest and will accentuate the right areas of your body.
  • Add Some Details – Try blouses and shirts that have ruffles, or pleats, or even bows and trims at the chest area to create some volume. You can also consider shirts with embellishments around the collars and a splash of the collar to draw attention.
  • Accentuate Other Areas of Your Body – You can always accentuate other areas of your body to downplay your chest size. Show of great legs with some tight jeans, or a flat tummy with a fitted blouse.
  • Bust Enhancing Accessories – Consider necklaces with thin chains and small pendants to make your bust look bigger in comparison. Use chunky bracelets and extravagant rings to draw attention to your hands and arms rather than your chest, and You can also try a bold necklace with a shorter chain to steer eyes away from your chest.

What Types of Shirts to Wear for a Flat Chest

So, here we come the best shirts for flat chests, and what will help you create some volume in the chest area;

  • Fabric – Look for shirtswith plenty of frills, and flowy fabric in the chest area.
  • High and Low Necklines – You can rock both a very high neckline or halter top, as well as a very low V-Neckline.
  • Dark Tops with Light Jackets – Use a darker top with a light cropped jacket or scarf.
  • Chest Pockets – Opt for shirts with two chest pockets to create the impression of larger breasts.
  • Busy Patterns – Choose busy patterned tops particularly in the chest area.
  • Off Shoulder Tops – You are the best candidate for off-shoulder and bandeau types shirts and tops, with no need for a bra.

Features of Good Shirts for a Flat Chest

Flat Chest shirt

  • Materials – Light and flowy shirts with ruffles and patterns at the top area creating an illusion of volume where your breasts are will be ideal. Choose materials such as soft viscose, cottons, chiffon and lace. Polyester is also an excellent choice, depending on the design of the shirt.
  • Design – Large prints, ruffles, bows, or any form of decoration or pleats at the top area where your chest is flat will create volume and the illusion of larger breasts. A V-Neck Shape or round neck shape is also ideal.
  • Closure – Shirts for Flat Chests may have a zip, button, or pull-on closure, which is contingent on the shirt’s design.
  • Options – Look for more patterned options and printed options that create an illusion of a fuller chest. You will also find many acceptable solid colors and different size options such as standard and sizes.

What to Wear When You Have a Flat Chest

In the video below, you can find helpful tips for dressing your flat chest the best way.

Reviews: The Best Shirts for a Flat Chest

Listed below are some of the best shirt options to give you the appeal of a fuller and more voluptuous chest;

The Romwe blouse has a ruffle design neck creating interest in the chest area and is available in many more colors.
  • This is a soft and comfortable polyester short for more formal occasions.
  • There are plenty of ruffles in the front chest area that creates an image of fuller breasts.
  • The shirt can be chosen in other color options, and there are plenty of sizes available.
  • It is ideal for cool to warm weather but not suitable for very hot or cold weather conditions.

The Runcati dress shirt has a button-down design and pockets to create the illusion of a fuller chest, and it is also available in more color choices.
  • The plain design button dress shirt for ladies is also a great option for a flat chest.
  • This design has pockets on the chest, creating the illusion of a larger chest.
  • The shirt has a button design for easy closure and customizes your style.
  • There are more colors and standards, as well as plus sizes available.

The Calvin Klein Modern Essential shirt has a loose, comfortable fit and zips at the chest area to create interest.
  • This is a soft and flowy polyester shirt.
  • There are front zip and zip pockets, which create the illusion of full breasts.
  • The shirt, unfortunately, will need to be hand-washed, however.
  • More colors and sizes are available to you.

The Allegrace shirt is ideal for plus-sized ladies who have a flat chest.
  • The colorful printed shirt creates a fuller chest appeal and comes in many colors.
  • It is a longer-length shirt that is available in plus-size options.
  • The shirt consists of comfortable and soft polyester and spandex materials.
  • It is pleated in front to create more volume in the chest area.

The Diukia Summer Ruffle tank top has a V-Neck and ruffles to create a larger chest illusion.
  • This is a soft and comfortable polyester and spandex shirt that has a pull-on design.
  • It is available in more color options and sizes.
  • The shirt is sleeveless with a V-Neck and detailing around the chest area, creating more bulk.
  • The ideal summer top for those hot summer days and all occasions.

The Long-sleeved formal styled blouse has ruffle details on the chest that adds volume.
  • A lovely formal top for those special occasions.
  • The shirt consists of soft and stretchy materials.
  • The ruffles in the front create ample volume to improve your flat chest.
  • There are more colors and more size options available to you.


  • The Hanes shirt is ideal for a flat chest.
  • This is a T-Shirt with a print.
  • The print creates more volume in the chest area.
  • The shirt is available in more colors.


  • The Joie shirt is a Cordell style for a flat chest.
  • It is 100% silk and ideal for formal occasions.
  • The shirt is a pull-on design with a viscose lining,
  • The detailing is ideal for a flat chest.


  • The Ramy Brook Cassandra satin shirt is perfect to create volume in the chest area.
  • The shirt is available in more solid colors.
  • It has a drawstring closure and a V-Neck.
  • It wraps at the sides.


  • Another addition from Ramy Brook is their sleeveless shirt.
  • The top design is ideal for creating volume in the chest area.
  • The shirt is available in more solid colors.
  • It is sleeveless in design.

Index Table: Top Rated Shirts for a Flat Chest

1Romwe Women's Elegant - Flat Chest Shirt
  • Lantern Sleeve
  • Ruffle Mock Neck
  • Colors Available
2Runcati Women's Button Down - Flat Chest Dress Shirt
  • Button Down
  • V-neck
  • Cuffed Sleeves
3Calvin Klein Women's Modern - Best Shirts for Flat Chest
  • Button Front
  • Color Options
  • Loose Fit
Calvin Klein97.8
4Allegrace Women's Plus Size - Plus SizeShirt for a Flat Chest
  • V-Neck
  • Printed
  • Plus Sizes
5Diukia Women's Summer - Tops for Flat Chest
  • Tank Sleeve
  • Summer Top
  • Ruffles
6Taiduosheng Women's Lace - Shirt for a Flat Chest
  • Long Sleeve
  • Formal Blouse
  • Color Options
7hanes Women's Short Sleeve - Flat Chest Shirt
  • Graphics
  • Colors Available
  • T-Shirt
8Joie Women's Cordell - Top for a Flat Chest
  • Silk
  • Elegant
  • Pull On
9Ramy Brook Women's Cassandra - Wrap Shirt
  • Ideal for a Flat Chest
  • Wrap design
  • More Colors
Ramy Brook96
10Ramy Brook Women's Sleeveless - Shiort for a Flat Chest
  • Knot Front
  • Wrap
  • Sleeveless
Ramy Brook97.6

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