6 Best Sunglasses for Round Faces 2018

You know when you plant yourself in front of the sunglass section at a store for 30 minutes and starting trying on every pair within reach, only to laugh profusely at yourself when you look in the mirror?

We’ve all been there. What looks great sitting on the sunglasses rack looks goofy and awkward on your face, and the reason is simple: they don’t compliment your facial features.

Those of you with wide foreheads, rounded chins and full cheeks may want to pay attention, because below on our list we highlight the best sunglasses for round faces.

Find out which styles will help you compliment your bone structure and profile.

The Shapes

The following shapes work well on round faces:

  • Rectangular
  • Cat-Eye
  • Square
  • Wayfarer
  • Aviator

You have a lot of options, so continue reading to find out the other factors that help determine the right pair for you.

Top 6 Sunglasses for Round Faces Overview

PictureNameForPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameForPriceRating (1-5)
1. Maui Jim Punchbowl Polarized SunglassesWomen$$$4.9
2. Kate Spade New York Angelique Cat-Eye SunglassesWomen$$4.6
3. Ralph by Ralph Lauren RA 4004 SunglassesMen$4.6
4. Ray-Ban RB4151 Rectangle SunglassesMen$4.5
5. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer SunglassesMen$$$$4.4
6. Oakley Crosshair SunglassesMen$$$4.4

Choosing the Color of the Frames

So you thought that the shape was the only thing that mattered? Think again!

Your hair color, skin tone and eye color will help you determine which frame colors will best suit your face, so apart from the shape of the glasses, you’ll also want to think about the following:

  • Hair Color. Warm blondes, try a tortoise set of frames. Cooler blondes might try something dark blue or soft pink. Cooler browns may also do well with these colors, and they can never go wrong with a pair of black glasses.

For warmer brown hair colors, opt for rich coffee colors, olive green or even red.

Redheads can go for something ivory, black and even a lovely olive or military green, but avoid anything yellow!

Black hair is versatile. You’ll look good in a cool blue, a tortoise pattern or olive colors, just be sure to avoid grey.

And speaking of grey, white hair or sandy grey hair will look great with a pop of red or black frames.

  • Eye Color. For blue eyes, stick with blue, grey or rich brown tones to help your eyes pop.

Green eyes look lovely when framed by golds, browns, pinks or purples and hazel eyes will be accentuated by greens and greys. Something with a hint of amber will help, as well.

Brown eyes, you need warm tones, maybe an olive tortoise or darker earth tones to help you achieve some contrast

  • Skin Tone. Those of you with cool skin tones can have fun with bright, fun colors. Try something blue, pink, green, purple or black. You might enjoy a tortoise pattern, as well.

For warmer skin tones, go earthy. Browns, oranges, tans, golds and olives, but don’t be afraid to get a little more exciting with a red, yellow or ivory. 

Top 3 Best Sunglasses for Round Face Reviews

1. Maui Jim R219-01

These rectangular sunglasses by Maui Jim will help you balance and flatter your round face shape and their cool blue and black coloring make them perfect for those with cool skin tones, blue eyes or black hair.

The nylon frames are both durable and lightweight, featuring non-slip nose pads, a high-gloss finish and most importantly, the lenses are polarized to offer the highest level of protection to your eyes.

If you like the shape but not the color of the pair above, have a look at the Maui Rose and Bronze frames by Maui Jim!

2. Kate Spade New York Angeliqs

Meow! Kate Spades cat-eye sunglasses are elegant, classy and give you a modern/vintage look to help you beautifully frame your eyes and your face.

The dark, rich tortoise pattern will compliment those with warm skin tones, green or hazel eyes, and those with various tones of blond or brown hair.

These are some of the best sunglasses for round faces where a few daring angles make your face pop. A stunning contrast!


If you have a round face and you love aviator sunglasses, try this pair by Ralph Lauren.

The brown color featured will do wonders for those with warm skin tones and green or hazel eyes, and it’s hard to go wrong with the iconic aviator shape.

If you’re not fond of this color, the sunglasses come in two other color combinations so that you can find the right one for your coloring.

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