Built In Underwear Shorts

Have you gone through every single type of workout shorts thinking you have seen it all, then wait for it, you might not have tried on the built in underwear workout shorts.

Not just for workouts but as swim shorts, leisure shorts, and sports shorts, the built in underwear shorts are a wonderful invention.

So let us take a look at some of the best built in underwear shorts that are available today.

Why Wear Built in Underwear Shorts

The Built in Underwear Shorts are available for both men and women, but why should you invest in a pair of these?

  • They Do Not Ride Up – Well, firstly, we all hate underwear, Shorts, tops, and bras that ride up and do not stay in place, particularly when working out or doing sports. The Built in Underwear Shorts will stay in place, and because the underwear is attached to your Shorts, they will most definitely not ride up and perfectly stay in place.
  • No Chafing – Because built-in underwear in your Shorts is made perfectly complementing the Shorts, there is much less of a risk of chafing and irritation.
  • Fewer Layers – When it gets hot and you are active, overheated, and sweaty, extra layers make a difference. Having extra layers of underwear underneath your Shorts can make overheating and sweating much worse. Because underwear is built into the built-in underwear Shorts, they are much more lightweight and breathable, and there are much fewer layers.
  • better Breathability – Because Built in Underwear Shorts are more lightweight in design, they generally are more breathable and wick away moisture to keep you cooler and dry.
  • Moisture Wicking – Cotton panties feel great until you sweat, and the same goes for men’s underwear. Cotton and similar materials can absorb sweat and become clammy. However, Built in Underwear Shorts are designed with underwear that is moisture wicking, and that will not hold sweat or become clammy.

Should You Wear Underwear with Built in Underwear Shorts

If you exercise, run, cycle, or do many physical activities, or even for swimming, I highly recommend shorts with built in underwear.

For men, shorts with built in underwear for the beach are ideal as they do not have the hassle with wet soggy underwear, and they still have the support that they need from the built-in underwear.

As sports or exercise wear built in underwear, shorts are much more lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable, as we have discussed. They provide a much needed protective layer without the need for underwear to add to the weight.

So, for these reasons, I would most definitely advise shorts with built in underwear.

Features of Good Built in Underwear Shorts

Built in Underwear Shorts

As you will see, most of the shorts with built in underwear that we have features are either workout, running, to swimming short. These are mostly the types of shorts where built-in underwear or liner may be required, a they reduce the weight and heat that the short generate during these activities.

  • Materials – Most shorts with built-in underwear are designed for running or sports. They come in lightweight, stretchable, and quick-drying materials. The materials can be natural such as cotton and viscose, or synthetics, such as polyester and nylon.
  • Length – Most Built in Underwear shorts are either short in length or just above the knee. Shorter shorts are worn because they breathe well and are more comfortable.
  • Pockets – Some shorts will have hidden pockets in the band of the shorts or on the outside, usually with a zip closure and some without a zip. Some models will not have pockets. Pockets are ideal for running and work out short when you need to keep keys, tissues, or other small items safely while doing these activities.
  • Visibility Features – Most running shorts brands will have reflective details for running at night or in low light situations.

Reviews: The Best Built in Underwear Shorts

Here is our list of some of the best available shorts that have built in underwear;

  • From Edencomers, we have a workout and running shorts with built in underwear for ladies.
  • The shorts consist of premium polyester and spandex with excellent moisture managing properties.
  • They are available in more colors and sizes form which you can choose as you prefer and need.
  • The shorts are extremely lightweight and durable, for everyday wear.


  • The Everworth shorts are a two in one built in underwear shorts for bodybuilding, gym, and exercising.
  • They are machine washable and have a drawstring closure.
  • The shorts are very lightweight and have excellent moisture wicking properties.
  • They come in more color options and more sizes available to you.

  • The shorts are designed for girls and women for running and sports activities.
  • They have built-in underwear and consist of spandex and polyester materials.
  • The shorts are durable and breathable with an elastic closure.\The quick-dry technology evaporates moisture to keep you dry and comfortable throughout workouts and routines.
  • There are pockets for keeping your phone and other small items secure and safe while you work out or do other activities.

  • The Flyfirefly shorts for men have built in underwear and are ideal for workout routines and sports.
  • They are durable and breathable with moisture wicking materials.
  • The shorts have a drawstring closure and can be washed in a washing machine.
  • They are also available in more colors and size options.

  • The Lixada shorts for women are running and exercising shorts that have built in underwear.
  • They are polyester and spandex with an elastic closure.
  • The shorts come in more colors and size options so that you can get the perfect fit and style.
  • They have a back pocket and reflective details for nighttime runs.

  • The LRD Performance workout shorts are ideal for gym and all sorts of sports.
  • They are a two-in-one design with built in underwear.
  • The shorts have a drawstring closure and are hand washable.
  • They have built-in compression underwear and extra deep front pockets for storing small items.
  • More colors are available as well as plus and regular sizes.

Index Table: Top Rated Built-in Underwear Shorts

1Edencomers Women's Workout - Shorts with Built In Underwear
  • Yoga and Gym Shorts
  • Lined
  • Built In Underwear
2Everworth Men's Two In One - Built in Underwear Shorts
  • Workout Shorts
  • Comfortabble
  • Color Options
3Motley Women's Premium - Built in Underwear Shorts
  • High Elastic Waist
  • More Colors Available
4Flyfirefly Men's Two In One - Built in Underwear Shorts
  • Workouts Shorts
  • Built in Underwear
  • Lined
5Lixada Women's Two in One - Shorts with Built In Underwear
  • Lined
  • Underwear and Shorts
  • Colors Available
6LRD Men's Performance - Shorts with Built In Underwear
  • Compression
  • Lined
  • Built In Underwear

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