Best Shorts for Big Thighs

If you are one of those persons like me who is always struggling to find the right pants or shorts to fit and flatter my larger thighs, then this article is just for you.

Trying to hide larger thighs is one thing, but trying to get pants or shorts that fit is the whole new ball game.

With summer coming up, a pair of shorts comes highly welcomed for the hot weather, so I will help you find the best shorts for big thighs.

Learn to Love Your Big Thighs

But before we get into shorts for larger thighs, are some fun facts about big thighs that will give you a laugh and help you to appreciate them more;

  • You will Never Rock Skinny Ripped Jeans – If you actually find a pair that fit your thighs, they will be way too large on your mid-section. Otherwise, your muscles and fat will seep through the ripped parts and tear the jeans further.
  • Your Thighs Help You Run – If you have strong muscular thighs, they can be a great advantage when trying to run, especially uphill. So if you need to chase down a robber, your strong legs will help propel you, and you can easily tackle that robber.
  • No Photos Sitting Down – If you take a photo sitting down, beware, your thighs will take over the show. Thighs look much more prominent when you sit down in a relaxed position, so rather take some standing or action shots.
  • Pencil Skirts are a No Go – Pencil skirts will look so stunning even with your larger thighs, ladies, that is until you need to walk. The Skirt will pull up and quickly look like a mini skirt.
  • Your Inner Thighs May sweat The Most – This is, unfortunately, a fact. With larger thighs, they become more sweaty and chafe. Skirts and dresses without some tights underneath may not be the most comfortable. Shorts, on the other hand, will be if you get the right shorts, that is.
  • Having Big Thighs is a Blessing in Disguise – You may not be able to rock skinny jeans or certain outfits because of larger thighs, and they may feel like a hindrance. However, with good exercise, your large thighs can become quite powerful and give you the edge in certain sports types. You will also be able to rock a pair of tights or leggings like no one else. When you learn to appreciate and wear the right clothing for your big thighs, you will see that your imperfections are actually a blessing.

How to Pull of Shorts with Big Thighs

That said, let me help you pull of shorts with your big thighs and all;

  • The Right Length – Well shorts are, short. In fact, however, with designers today, we get shorts in all types of lengths. With Larger thighs, make sure it sits in the mid-thigh or at the knee. These are most flattering. Sorry ladies, you may have to stay clear of those cheeky shorts.
  • Beads and Embellishments – For the ladies with larger thighs, you may have noticed that your shorts kind of ride up in the crotch area. Well, choosing shorts with a heavy hem or embellishments on the legs can actually weigh them down a bit.
  • High Waist Shorts – High Waist Shorts are an excellent figure-flattering choice. The cut makes you look instantly slimmer, as well as draw attention to your flattened waist rather than your thighs. By elevating your waist, this type of shorts also makes your thighs and legs appear slimmer.
  • Pleats – If you are looking for shorts that are a bit more dressy, pleated shorts are an excellent option. They offer a roomy fit, a slimming appearance, and look dressier in general.
  • Side Slits – Shorts with side slots likewise have an excellent slimming effect, and the extra space in the legs provides more room for your legs.
  • Larger Legs Holes – This is an easy fact, if you have larger thighs, your shorts must have larger leg holes. So look for shorts that are not super form-fitting, as they will accentuate the size of your thighs. Relaxed1 fit or fitted shorts look much more appealing and fit comfortably.

Features of Good Shorts for Big Thighs

Big Thigh shorts

  • Materials – Shorts can consist of materials such as cotton, viscose, and bamboo that are all natural. Or synthetic materials such as Polyester and nylon. Spandex and elastane may be added for stretchability.
  • Design – Shorts for larger thighs will generally be Bermuda or Capri styles or mid-thigh length cuts. They should have larger leg holes for a comfortable fit and a flattering shape.
  • Closure – Closure types may be either a zip or buttons, or a drawstring, or even elastic closures.
  • Fit – The fit needs to be snug but comfortable depending on the style of the shorts.
  • Options – color and print options are available in most models and brands of shorts for big thighs. You can also decide on the plus or regular size options to suit your needs.

Reviews: Best Shorts for Big Thighs

In our list, we have some of the best styles and designs of shorts that are ideal for bigger thighs;


  • The Wrangler Authentic shorts are ideal for men with larger thighs.
  • They are 100% cotton and available in more neutral colors.
  • The shorts have a relaxed fit and many pockets for storing small items.
  • The larger leg holes are ideal for bigger thighs.


  • The shorts from Lee are a dungaree design with more relaxed legs for large thighs.
  • They are 100% cotton and have a zip closure.
  • The shorts are available in a few more colors and sizes.
  • They are also fully machine washable.


  • The Hue Bermuda shorts offer a comfortable fit and more coverage for large thighs.
  • They are rayon, nylon, and spandex.
  • The shorts are a pull-on design and fully machine washable.
  • They are ultra-soft and have a high waist fit that is very flattering.


  • The Lee Bermuda shorts for ladies are a comfortable fit with fuller coverage for big thighs.
  • They are denim shorts available in Maui Dive colors.
  • The shorts consist of cotton, polyester, and elastane for stretch.
  • They are a regular fit with a midrise and a zip closure.
  • You can also machine wash the shorts.


  • The Sissycross shorts are gym or yoga shorts that can also be used for leisurewear.
  • The design is a bit longer for more coverage, and there are plenty of colors and prints available.
  • They come in all sizes and are machine washable.
  • The shorts consist of Polyester and elastane for stretch.


  • The Chinfun shorts are a capris length in a hiking style.
  • This design offers a roomy fit for big thighs and more coverage.
  • They are available in more colors and prints, as well as size options.
  • The shorts are polyester and elastane, machine washable.
  • They also have an adjustable drawcord closure system.



  • This is a two-pack set of shorts for men with big thighs.
  • The shorts are 100% soft and comfortable polyester.
  • They have an elastic waistband and a drawstring closure.
  • The shorts are ideal for sports and leisurewear.

Index Table: Top Rated Shorts for Big Thighs

1Wrangler Men's Authentics - Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Premium
  • Neutral Colors
  • Cargo Shorts
2Lee Men's Dungarees - Belted Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Belted
  • Dungaree Shorts
  • Cargo
  • Color Options
3Hue Women's Hue - Bermuda Shorts for Big Thighs
  • High Waist
  • Bermuda Fit
  • Striped
4Levi’s Women's Bermuda - Cotton Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Bermuda Fit
  • Color Options
  • Mid Rise
5Sissycross Women's Artistic - Printed Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Workout Shorst
  • Printed
  • Comfortable Fit
6ChinFun Women's Hiking - Capri Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Dry Cargo
  • Outdoor Shorts
  • Colors and Prints Available
7Amazon Essentials Women's Two Pack - Loose Shorts for Big Thighs
  • Performance Shorts
  • Two Pack
  • Loose Fit
Amazon Essentials97

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