Best Bras for Small Breasts

While bra options may be more limited when you have a small bust size, there are definitely some brands out there that you can wear.

Our guide will show you 10 of the best bras for small breasts and focus on the most important details that you need to know when shopping for one.

Read on to see which brands you should consider, and check out our detailed reviews of the top three bras that small busted gals just like you love to slip into every day!

Prioritize Your Band Size

Finding a cup size for smaller busts isn’t as hard as finding the right band size.

Cup size and band size combinations are much more abundant for larger busts than they are for smaller busts, so be sure to measure yourself to choose the proper band size.

All you need to do is measure your chest just below the breasts where the bra’s bottom normally sits.

  • An Even Number – If your measurement is, add 4 inches to it.
  • An Odd Number – If your measurement is add 5 inches.

The resulting number will yield your proper band size.

Many women try to squeeze into a smaller band simply because the cups fit, but just know that 36A and even 38A bras are available if you have a wider chest but flatter bust.

Features of a Good Bra for Small Breasts


  • Materials – Bras consists of materials such as nylon, cotton and polyester with elastane, spandex or lycra for stretchability.
  • Design – Bras for small breasts, some in petite size designs or have A and AA cups sizes available.
  • Closure – Most bras have a hook and eyelet closure in the front or back. However, some may have a zip or pull-on closure design.
  • Options – Bras for smaller breasts should be available in either small and extra small sizes or A and AA cup size options. They will also come in more color ranges that are conditional on the brand.

Reviews: Best Bras for Small Breasts

Here are some of the best choices in bras that are ideal for smaller breasts and available in smaller sizes;

  • The bra consists of durable polyester and polyamides, with plenty of elastane so that you get optimal stretchability and comfort for the bra.
  • The bra is available in smaller sizes and cup sizes, which will accommodate smaller breasts.
  • It has a convertible design, which gives you many more options and choices of how you would like to wear your bra.
  • The bra may be hand washed only and has an underwire.
  • There are also quite a few more color options available for your fashion and style preferences.


  • The bra consists of Nylon, spandex and has a smooth cup lining for your comfort.
  • There are lace insets for feminine style and decoration.
  • The bra is available in smaller cup sizes to accommodate your fit.
  • They have a hook and eyelet closure, which allows for a more adjustable fit that is more comfortable.
  • The bra has a stunning sweetheart neckline so that you can wear those lower neckline dresses.
  • The bra is likewise available in more colors for your perusal.


  • Here we have a polyamide and spandex bra for elasticity.
  • It has a hook and eyelet closure that gives you more adjustability options.
  • The bra has light memory foam cups that give more definition to smaller breasts.
  • The bra has a u-Shaped back that makes it easier for you to wear more outfits, and they prevent the straps from slipping.
  • There are spaghetti design straps, and the bra may only be hand washed.


  • This is a specially designed mesh and Nylon bra with spandex for stretchability,
  • It has a contoured plunge design and offers average coverage for smaller breasts.
  • There is a lace center front area lined with a stabilizer tricot.
  • The bra has adjustable stretch straps and a comfortable design.
  • It has availability in smaller cup sizes and more colors for your requirements.


  • The Anita bra consists of Nylon and Elastane with a hook and eyelet closure design.
  • The bra has textured yarn for a lightly concealing effect.
  • It has an exclusive jacquard pattern and double paneled sides for optimal support.
  • You can also get this model in smaller cups size and smaller standard sizes.


  • The Maidenform design bra only comes in A and small cup sizes.
  • The design is petite, and the fit is for smaller but ladies and teenagers.
  • It is fully machine washable and quick drying.
  • The bra has a Soft Cup design for comfortable padding and a seamless lining.


  • This is a polyester bra with elastane for stretchability.
  • The bra has an adjustable hook and eyelet closure design for a comfortable and customizable fit.
  • There are neutral colors available and smaller sizes with A cups.
  • The bra is machine washable and has adjustable straps so that you get a more comfortable fit.
  • It also offers excellent underwire support for small breasts.


  • The Hanes bra is nylon, polyester, and spandex, which are all durable and comfortable materails.
  • The bra comes with an adjustable hook and eyelet closure for the perfect fit.
  • It has Comfort Flex four-way stretch technology that molds and stretches to your needs.
  • There are smaller cup sizes available, as well as more colors.


  • This is a Polyester and Elastane bra with wire-free technology for ladies with smaller breasts.
  • The bra has lightly contoured cups and provides more natural shaping and support.
  • This is a perfect design for women with small breasts as it offers less support.
  • The bra is machine washable, which is so much more convenient.
  • It has front adjustable straps and a hook and eyelet closure system.


  • A Nylon and elastane bra from Bali, which is a well-known and trusted brand.
  • The design is ideal for women with smaller breasts.
  • It is available in smaller sizes and smaller cup sizes.
  • The bra is smooth and invisible underneath clothing.
  • There are side flex panels for comfort and stretch.
  • The bra also comes in more color options available to you.

Index Table: Top Rated Bras for Small Breasts

1Marie Jo Women's Convertible Bra - Best Convertible Bra
  • A Cups
  • Polyester
  • More Colors
Marie Jo99.5
2Natori Women's Natori Contour Underwire Bra - Best Natori Bra
  • Lined Cup
  • A Cups Available
  • More Colors
3Chantelle Women's Smooth Bra - Best Fit Bra
  • Medium Cover
  • A Cups
  • U-Shaped Back
4Natori Women's Plunge Contour Bra - Best Plunge Bra
  • Stretchable Lace
  • Small Cups
  • More Colors
5Anita Women's Seamless Wireless Bra - Best Bra for Small Busts Between Sizes
  • Double Panels
  • Color Options
  • Small Cups
6Maidenform Women's Big Girls - Bra for Small Breasts
  • Slim
  • Softi Cups
  • A Cups
7Calvin Klein Women's Constant - Push Up Bra for Small Breasts
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Underwire
  • A Cups
Calvin Klein97.7
8Hanes Women's Convertible - Bra for Small Breasts
  • Seamless
  • A Cup Sizes
  • Convertible Straps
9Warner’s Women's Cloud 9 - Wire Free Bra for Small Breasts
  • A Cup Sizes
  • More Colors
  • Non-Wire
10Bali Women's Revolution - Bra for Small Breasts
  • Wireless
  • Nylon
  • Small Sizes

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