Best Jeans for Concealed Carry

A good reliable pair of jeans will last you for very long, especially when you need to use them for concealed carry.

There are many styles, brands, and options in the best jeans for concealed carry, and in this article, we will look at some of the different choices and good quality picks.

Why You Need the Right Jeans for Concealed Carry

Jeans styles have changed so much over the years, so when you find a pair of comfortable jeans that are ideal for concealed carry, you want a quality product that will last.
Besides the jeans’ type and fit, you also need good quality jeans for concealed carry that can handle the additional weight.

You will need t know exactly what type of weapon you will carry before even considering jeans for concealed carry. It is important to have jeans that allow for easy accessibility to your weapon when you need them.

There are two basic types of carrying for weapons on your jeans: in a holster in your jeans’ waistband or an ankle holster underneath your jeans’ legs.
Specific jeans offer be concealment of weapons in the waistband, while cuts such as the bootcut are ideal for ankle holsters.

Choosing the Best Jeans for Concealed Carry

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best jeans for concealed carry;

  • Style – Skinny and stretchy jeans are ideal for tall and slim individuals using a waistband holster. A straight-leg pair of jeans is ideal for almost all body shapes and will be a great design for ankle and waist holsters. The wide-leg or Bootleg cut jean is your best option for ankle holsters, and you can easily pair it with boots.
  • Waist and Rise – If you are using a waistband holster, the waistband needs to have enough room for you to insert the holster comfortably. The jeans should fit snugly around your waist, and you can use a belt if required. A low or midrise is more ideal for waistline holsters, and you can also look for a gusseted design that is roomier in the crotch area.
  • Pockets and Loops – Look for jeans with roomy and deep pockets because you will need to carry items such as wallets and keys in them, in a secure enough manner that when you are on a chase or running, that they stay put. Belt Loops are important and need to be stitched down properly. You are most likely going to be affixing your bolster to the belt or belt loops of your jeans.

Features of a Good Jean for Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Jeans

  • Materials – Jeans for concealed carry consist of materials such as cotton, polyester, and sometimes a blend of both. Spandex or elastane may be added for stretchability, and metals can be used for trim, buttons, and zips.
  • Design – A pair of jeans for Concealed carry can come in different designs, either bootleg, skinny jeans, flare leg, or straight cut jeans. Look for jeans with deeper pockets to carry other items and a wide enough waistband for a holster. A bootcut jean is also ideal for ankle holster carrying. Furthermore, it would be best to make sure that there is plenty of room in the crotch area.
  • Closure – Jeans for concealed carry such as any other jean may have a zip and button or a full button closure design. You will need to make sure that the closure is secure and strong. Another important aspect is to ensure that belt loops are strong and stitched down properly.
  • Fit – Make sure your jeans fit comfortably and not too tight. A Mid Cut, Hipster, and low-cut jean are more acceptable for waistband holsters, whereas a high waist cut is acceptable if you use an ankle holster or leg holster.
  • Options – Jeans for concealed carry come in a variety of solid colors, designs, and blue washes. They should also be available in plus and standard size options for you to select from as needed.

Concealed Carry Clothing Adjustment Tips

Dressing with a gun isn’t easy. Here is a short video with some tips for dressing while you are carrying a concealed gun.

Reviews: Best Jeans for Concealed Carry

In our list today, we have some great options for you to choose from, in jeans that are perfect for concealed carry;


The Tactical Defender jeans are designed specifically for concealed carry and consist of mechanical stretch fabric.

  • The jeans are of excellent quality and constructed to be durable enough for tactical use and concealed carry.
  • They come in two color options and more sizes.
  • The jeans are ideal for on, and off-duty wear and have a comfortable fit.
  • They sport many pockets to store all your necessary items.
Rating CategoriesWeight %Score
Durability & Quality20%90
Waist and Rise30%95
Total Score100%92.75


The Levi’s classic cut jeans are ideal for concealed carry, ad available in plus or standard size options.

  • The Levi’s Classic Bootcut is roomy and comfortable for concealed carry.
  • There is ample space in the waistband and the legs for ankle or waistband holsters.
  • The jeans are a high-quality, durable brand with durable materials including cotton, polyester, and elastane for stretch.
  • They come in more washes and are available in plus and regular size selections.
  • The leg fit is easy through the hip ad thighs, and they have an ideal mid-rise.


The Condor jeans are tactical and outdoor jeans designed for concealed carry.

  • These are outdoor and tactical duty jeans.
  • They come in two dark color options and are ideal for concealed carry.
  • The jeans have an elastic waistband that is designed to hold an IWB holster.
  • There are gadget pockets as well as front and back pockets for your convenience.
  • The crotch is gusseted and much roomier for concealed carry.


The Wrangler Western Stretch has the perfect fit for concealed carry for the ladies.

  • Women prefer the Wrangler Western Stretch for concealed carry.
  • The jeans have a flexible waistband for IWB holsters and consist of quality, durable materials.
  • They are cotton, polyester Rayon, and Spandex jeans, a blend of comfortable and durable materials.
  • The jeans come in more color washes and size options.
  • Moreover, they have a stunning classic western style.


The Wrangler Classic fit jeans are a favorite among many men for concealed carry.

  • The Wrangler Authentic fit is also a choice among many men for concealed carry.
  • The jeans feature a regular fit, roomy crotch, and midrise.
  • They have a flexible waistband for IWB holsters and wide enough legs for ankle holsters.
  • The jeans come in more washes sand size options.
  • Furthermore, the five pockets are ideal for all your storage needs and requirements.


From Levi’s, we have the regular fit 505 models that are durable and ideal for concealed carry.

  • The 505 range from Levi’s is also a favorite for concealed carry.
  • They are a regular fit for waistline and ankle holsters.
  • The jeans are cotton and have a midrise with a relaxed fit.
  • There is a size available in regular, as well as big and tall sizes.

Index Table: Top Rated Jeans for Concealed Carry

1Tactical Men's Defender - Concealed Carry Tactical Jeans
  • Straight Cut
  • Flexible
  • Classic Pockets
2Levi’s Women's Classic - Concealed Carry Jeans
  • Classic Cut
  • Mid Rise
  • Stretchable
3Condor Men's Cipher - Tactical Jeans for Concealed Carry
  • Outdoor and Tactical
  • Gusseted Crotch
  • Pockets
4Wrangler Women's Western Stretch - Jeans for Concealed Carry
  • Stretchable
  • Durable
  • Pockets
5Wrangler Men's Authentics - Concealed Carry Jeans
  • Five Pockets
  • Durable
  • Stretchable
6Levi’s Men's 505 - Jeans for Concealed Carry
  • Regular Fit
  • Cotton
  • Durable

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