Best Shorts for Concealed Carry

As the warmer weather approaches day by day, those individuals who carry concealed items may be faced with quite an issue. Wearing long pants and coats may not be very comfortable in hot weather. Summer clothes are likewise not always the most concealing.

However, you do still get the best shorts for concealed carry, similar to most longer-length pants for concealed carry.

Some Methods of Wearing Concealed Carry

Once you obtain your concealed carry license, there are a few ways in which you can carry your concealed carry, especially in the summertime.

Here are a few ideas;

  • Inside The Waistband – (IWB) Holsters can be secured over your belt. You can carry behind your back, ate the hip, cross draw, or on the support side. This is covered by a shirt, vest, sweater, or jacket. This type of concealed carry works well with long or shorts pants and jeans.
  • Pocket Carry – Another excellent method of concealed carry, especially for smaller handguns, is to place it inside the pockets of your pants or shorts. Many Cargo and Tactical design shorts have pockets that are perfect for carrying a small handgun.
  • Tucked Inside Your Pants with No Holster – Referred to as Mexican carry, this method of concealed carry will conceal a handgun well but is only for professional shooters, if at all, as it is quite risky. Non-Holster carry means that the trigger is exposed, and there is a great chance of discharge.
  • Outside the Waistband in a Holster – You can wear your concealed carry in the waistband of your pants or shorts, behind the back, firing side of the hip, or cross draw on the support side, on the outside of your waistband in a holster. This is covered again by a shirt, vest, jacket, or sweater.
  • In Fanny Pack – More ideal for ladies but acceptable for gents as well. A fanny Pack secured around your waist or onto your pants or shorts can serve as a great area for concealed carry f a smaller handgun.
  • Small of The Back – SOB carry can be done using a holster. The concealed carry is placed in a holster and tucked into the middle back area of your pants or shorts, where there is a natural indentation.
  • Thigh Band – The thigh band is more suitable for ladies carrying a smaller handgun., almost as you see in the movies. This can be placed underneath a dress, skirt, or shorts for easy access.

Concealed Carry in Shorts

As you have seen from the concealed carry methods discussed above, concealed carry in shorts does pose some challenges.

Carrying under compressive heat may also not be comfortable, but not as uncomfortable as to leave your implementation of protection at home.
Most of the concealments have to do with how the holsters wear. If you have a waistband carry holster, it will be just as easy to wear with shorts as with pants.

On the other hand, many shorts such as cargo and tactical short designs come with many pockets., some of which are ideal for concealed carry.

Features of good Shorts for Concealed Carry

Concealed carry Shorts

  • Materials – Most shorts for concealed carry come in a range of material options such as natural cotton, synthetic polyesters, and nylons. The materials are usually much more durable with enhanced technologies for these types of shorts.
  • Design – Some shorts have patented holster pockets or adjustable pockets and internal sleeves ideal for concealed carry. Cargo shorts also have additional pockets. A stretchy waistband is likewise ideal for concealed carry.
  • Closure – The closure may be pul on elastic, drawstring, a button and zip or button closure.
  • Fit – You will need to select a proper snug fit that is true to size. For concealed carry, shorts that are too loose or too tight will not suffice, especially when you carry in the waistband of the shorts.
  • Options – Options available will depend on the specific brand. You may be able to select sizes and colors.

Reviews: Best Shorts for Concealed Carry

These are the best short brands and models that are designed for concealed carry;


  • The Helikon Tex shorts are tactical shorts ideal for concealed carry.
  • They consist of durable polyester, cotton, and elastane materials.
  • The shorts have a lightweight and breathable design with pockets and an elastic waistband.
  • They are also available in more colors and in camo prints.


  • Here we have more tactical shorts designed specifically for concealed carry.
  • They are polyester and cotton that are lightweight, breathable, and durable.
  • The shorts come in many colors and size options from which you can choose.
  • They have a more secured fit and storage pockets.


  • These are hidden Cargo shorts that have anti-pick picket technology for concealed carry.
  • They have 8 utility pockets designed to be gadget-friendly and durable.
  • There are hidden pockets for concealed carry and valuables.
  • They are durable, lightweight, and stain-resistant.
  • The Pocketed technology is ideal for a smaller handgun.
  • You can also use the waistband for concealed carry.


  • The Fast tac Urban shorts are also a tactical design for concealed carry.
  • They are 100% durable and breathable polyester.
  • The shorts have a zip closure and an adjustable, secure fit.
  • They have pockets and are ideal for outdoor wear.


  • For the ladies, we have chosen Free Soldier Hiking shorts with the perfect design for concealed carry.
  • They are outdoor shorts that are UPF 50+ and quick-drying nylon.
  • The shorts have plenty of pockets for concealed carry and a suitable waistband.
  • They are multi-functional and durable.
  • The shorts have options for wearing concealed carry in the waistband or in the pockets.


  • The Willit stretch Hiking Cargo shorts are another excellent choice for concealed carry.
  • They are a lady’s design summer, outdoor shorts with many utility pockets for concealed carry and other gadgets.
  • The shorts are nylon and spandex, which is very durable and also offers UV protection.
  • They have an adjustable fit and secure Elastic waistband.
  • The design allows you to wear concealed carry in the waistband or in the pockets of the shorts.


Index Table: Top Rated Shorts for Concealed Carry

1Helikon-Tex Men's Tactical - Urban and Outdoor Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • Lightweight
  • Tactical Design
  • Comfortable
2Taclite Men's 5.11 - Tactical Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • 11 Inch
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Waistband
3ScotteVest Men's Cargo - Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • Cargo Shorts
  • Pockets
  • Anti-Pick Pocket Design
4Fast-Tac Men's Urban - Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • Zipper Pockets
  • Polyester
  • CWW ready
5Free Soldier Women's Tactical - UPF 50+ Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • Quick Dry
  • Nylon
  • UPF 50+
  • Outdoor Design
Free Soldier97
6Willit Women's Cargo - Shorts for Concealed Carry
  • Hiking and Cargo Shorts
  • Color Options Available

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