10 Best Skinny Jeans for Men

A great pair of skinny jeans is a necessary staple in any man’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for a large variety of situations and events. Although you may need them, that doesn’t mean you want to shop for them!

Jean shopping (especially for skinny jeans) can be exhausting and time-consuming. No two pairs fit the same, and a pair that looks great on a friend might not be the best option for you.

That’s why we’re here! We’ve put together tips, suggestions, and reviews to help you find the best skinny jeans for men quickly and with as little work as possible.

Buying Information

Here are some useful tips to help you find the best skinny jeans for men.

  • Quality – Your favorite pair of jeans should be a good friend that lasts for years. It’s so sad to find jeans you love, only to have them rip or wear out after you wear them a few times. To avoid this, look for high-quality jeans made from good materials. Check out reviews and product information to see how they will hold up.
  • Quantity – Many brands of jeans make the same style in different colors. If you find a brand and style that you love, purchase more in different colors. You will always have a pair of jeans that you love, and you will not have to shop for jeans again for years!
  • Material – The materials your jeans are made out of is important. It determines whether or not your skinny jeans have any stretch, or give. If you like your skinny jeans to have stretch and movement, look for materials like spandex.
  • Color – Jeans come in a large variety of colors. If you’re looking for a little different style, try a color other than traditional denim. Black is a timeless option that can be a great staple in any wardrobe.

How to Choose Jeans for Guys

Features of a Good Skinny Jeans for Men

  • Materials – Mostly jeans consist of cotton and polyester blends, with some spandex or elastane for stretch.
  • Cut – jeans come in a variety of cuts and shapes. Bootleg, Skinny, Straight Leg, Tapered, or even Cowboy cuts are available for men.
  • Fit – You can get your jeans with a high, mid-rise, or plain hip fit.
  • Options – Most men’s jeans are available in different solid colors, blue jeans washes, as well as standard and plus sized options.

Reviews: Best Skinny Jeans for Men

In our list below, we feature reviews on some of the top brands and models of skinny jeans specifically for men.


Levi’s Slim Fit jeans for men are 100% cotton and very comfortable.

  • The jeans are mostly cotton with elastane for stretch.
  • There is a zip closure, and they offer a slim fit.
  • The jeans are available in a few more color washes and solid colors.
  • The jeans are also fully machine washable.


The Lucky brand men’s skinny jeans come in many colors and wash you can choose.

  • A modern skinny fit for men.
  • The jeans are cotton, polyester, and elastane.
  • The fit is a mid-rise with skinny legs.
  • The jeans have a zip fly and button closure.\It is machine washable and available in more colors and washes.


The Calvin Klein Skinny Fit jeans offer a comfortable, snug fit for men.

  • These are cotton and spandex jeans that are very slimming.
  • They offer a slim Skinny Fit and will also stretch a bit.
  • The jeans are a skinny design with a zip and button closure.
  • They are fully machine washable and come in more color washes.


From Calvin Klein, we have a comfortable slim fit design for men in skinny jeans.

  • These are cotton and elastane jeans with a zip fly and button closure.
  • They are available in more solid colors and washes as well as many sizes.
  • The jeans are a slim fit design that has a more natural waist design,
  • It is slightly stretchable, allowing for easier movement.
  • The jeans are a clean-cut design with ripped and destructed options available.


From Amazon Essentials, we have a stretchy skinny fit jean for men.

  • The jeans are cotton and elastane as well as fully machine washable.
  • They come in more solid colors as well as many more washes.
  • The classic five-pocket style is elegant and functional.
  • The design is a skinny tight fit.


A stunning ripped, skinny jean design for men by Gingtto

  • Very tight and stretchable skinny fit.
  • The jeans come in more solid colors and washes available.
  • They are made of cotton and spandex with a zip closure design.
  • The jeans offer comfort and quality.


The Southpole skinny jeans for men are a basic stretchable fit.

  • Skinny fit jeans are available in more colors and washes for men.
  • They have a basic stretchable design and are machine washable.
  • The jeans consist of cotton, polyester, and spandex.
  • They have a button closure and zip fly.


The Goodthreads skinny jeans are stretchable and available in more colors and washes.

  • A cotton and elastane jean for men that is stretchable and breathable.
  • The jeans are a skinny fit with straight legs and an extra slim look.
  • They come in many more colors and washes for your perusal.
  • The jeans are comfortable and have a zip fly with button closure.


The Signature range from Levi’s offers you their skinny fit stretchable design.

  • The jeans are cotton and elastane from the Signature range that is offered by Levi’s.
  • There are a few colors and washes available in this model.
  • They have a straight leg and skinny fit design, which is very comfortable and has a more formal appeal.
  • Premium five-pocket styling, and fully machine washable.


The Slim Fit Skinny jeans from lee have a modern and fashionable appeal.

  • Cotton, elastane, and spandex jeans with zipper closure.
  • The jeans offer a skinny slim fit that is comfortable and flattering.
  • There are five pockets for style and convenience.
  • The jeans are available in more washes for your perusal.

Index Table: Top Rated Skinny Jeans for Men

1Levis Men's Slim Fit Jeans - Best Jeans Brands for Men
  • Cotton
  • Zip Closure
  • Machine Washable
2Lucky Brand Men's Modern Skinny Jean - Modern Skinny Jeans
  • Zip Closure
  • Cotton Many washes
Lucky Brand99.3
3Calvin Klein Men's Skinny Fit Jeans - Light Blue Skinny Jeans
  • Cotton
  • Zip Closure
  • Skinny Fit
Calvin Klein99.1
4Calvin Klein Men's Blue Skinny Jeans - Best Skinny Jeans for Men
  • Button Closure
  • Cotton
  • Slim Fit
Calvin Klein98.8
5Amazon Essentails Men's Skinny Fit - Skinny Jean
  • Stretchable
  • Skinny Fit
  • Colors Available
Amazon Essentails97.2
6Gingtto Men's Ripped - Skinny Jean
  • Ripped
  • Slim Fit
  • Skinny
7Southpole Men's Flex stretch - Basic Skinny Jean
  • Stretchable
  • Mid-Rise
  • Skinny Fit
8Goodthreads Men's Standard - Stretch Skinny Jean
  • Stretch
  • Skinny Fit
  • Color Options
9Levi Strauss and Co. Men's Signature - Skinny Jean
  • Flexible
  • Washes Available
  • Skinny Fit
Levi Strauss and Co.96.9
10Lee Men's Modern - Slim Fit Skinny Jean
  • Slim Fit
  • Skinny
  • Stretchable

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