10 Best Jeans for Men 2018

If you’re on the hunt for a great pair of jeans and you’ve taken the time to read the first sentence here, then guys, we won’t disappoint you with our suggestions below.

We give you the simple, straightforward guide to the best jeans for men that will help you understand how to pick them out based on your body type.

Don’t let all the models in the magazine intimidate you. Believe it or not, there are jeans out there for everyone. Just keep reading so you know what to look for in your perfect pair of jeans.

Things to Take into Consideration

Before you select a pair of jeans, here are a few things to consider:

  • What Do You Need Them For? Are you shopping for outdoor work jeans, something casual for daily activities, business casual jeans or something that you’ll be traveling in? Comfort and fit are key when it comes to selecting jeans.

For daily activities or average use, get jeans with a classic, relaxed or straight-leg fit.

For more formal occasions, get something a bit more tailored and fitted.

  • Pre-Shrunk. Jeans that have not been sanforized, or pre-shrunk, are something you should avoid. Why? Because the inseams and outseams (on the pant leg) will twist and turn, making them run up the front and back of your legs rather than the sides of your legs.This is a very annoying and uncomfortable problem. Cheap jeans made of poor quality denim will definitely have this issue.
  • Color. Dark colors are slimming, light colors are versatile. How do you choose?If you’re not interested in taking any fashion risks by choosing something red or bright green, for example, then refer your hair color and skin tone when it comes to choosing the right color of jeans for you.

Top 10 Jeans for Men Comparison Table

PictureNameFitPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFitPriceRating (1-5)
1. 7 For All Mankind Men's Slimmy Slim Straight-Leg JeanStraight-Leg/Slim$$$$4.6
2. Lee Men's Big-Tall Modern Series Custom Fit Relaxed Straight-Leg JeanRelaxed/ Straight-Leg$4.6
3. Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Original Fit JeanClassic$4.5
4. Nautica Jeans Men's Relaxed Cross-Hatch JeanRelaxed$$4.4
5. Diesel Men's Zathan 0885K Regular Bootcut JeanBootcut$$$$4.3
6. Diesel Men's Larkee Regular Straight-Leg Jean 0088ZClassic/ Straight-Leg$$$4.3
7. Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-Fit JeanRelaxed$$4.2
8. Demon & Hunter 808 Series Men's Skinny Fit Slim JeansSkinny$4.3
9. Levi's Men's 514 Straight JeanStraight-Leg$$4.1
10. 7 For All Mankind Men's Brett Slim Bootcut JeanBootcut/Slim$$$4.0

Finding the Right Fit

If the jeans fit, wear ‘em, right?

Yes, but by “fit” we’re talking about the way they are sewn and how they will fit your body once you have them on.

  • Classic. For everyday use, the classic cut gives your legs room to breathe and move. You don’t want them too long and baggy at the bottom, otherwise they may end up looking like flared jeans.
  • Slim. These will fit close to your thighs and claves, but they won’t hug them like skinny jeans. It is a close fit that works great on guys with average builds. If you have large, athletic thighs, then these might not work for you.
  • Straight Leg. The pant legs here may feel tighter in the thighs and looser around the calves. Since they leg is basically sewn in a straight line, they might feel tighter on the top and looser on the bottom. This is normal, but if it’s too snug, find jeans made from a cotton/spandex mix.
  • Relaxed. The crotch is slightly dropped and the legs are roomy, yet they sit comfortably and snuggly around your waist.
  • Skinny. Skinny jeans give you a tight fit, which means that you should look for stretch denims that allow you to move around in them. Great for guys with slim, rectangular-shaped frames.
  • Bootcut. While this is more popular with women’s jeans, some men’s jeans have a slight flare at the bottom to help those who need to balance out proportions.

Does leg day at the gym have your thighs bulging? If your jeans are tight in the thigh, a slight flare may help you create the proper balance between the top part and the bottom part of your legs. Keyword: slight


The colors, or washes, of jeans are numerous.

Typically, dark washes are more figure flattering, but they won’t help you much if the fit of the jeans is all wrong for your leg shape and height.

Light washes are great for many shapes, sizes and skin tones and although they are not as slimming, that doesn’t mean it makes you look bigger.

If you are used to certain washes, branch out a bit and try something different for a change. That may mean going lighter or darker. Give it a try!

You might even be pleasantly surprised by a patterned denim.

Tips to Make Them Last

Do you want your jeans to last forever and ever?

Wouldn’t that be nice. While they may not outlast you, you can endure their lifetime by using a few simple tricks:

  • Wash them inside out to help prevent color loss. If you place the jeans right side out with other fabrics of different colors, they can rub on those fabrics. Some dye may end up on the other clothes which means that you’ve also lost some dye from the jeans. Inside out!
  • Hang dry your jeans instead of exposing them to high dryer temperatures. If you have the extra time and space, you should definitely hang dry them, and if you hang them outside in the sun, make sure they are still turned inside out so that the sun won’t fade them.

Top 5 Best Jeans for Men Reviews

1. 7 For All Mankind JTA511819A-TBK

If you’re in need of a stylish pair of jeans for daily use or for a night out on the town, 7 For All Mankind jeans has you covered.

These are the best jeans for men who want a slim, straight-leg jean with a bit of stretch. Thanks to the 2% of spandex used, these jeans are forgiving and will fit some guys with athletic thighs (maybe not Arnold Schwarzenegger big, but you get the idea!).

The different washes available allow you to get a pair for casual business settings and one for everyday use. They are comfortable and offer a nice, clean-cut profile that many guys are aiming for.

Try them if you’ve never worn a pair of 7’s!

2. Lee 21028

Lee makes some awesome jeans for big and tall guys. When those slim-fit, skinny jeans just won’t cut it for your super manly figure, you’ll feel at home in a pair of these relaxed, straight-leg jeans.

The fit of these jeans won’t leave you feeling restricted. Kneel, crouch, jump or twist to your heart’s content. They have a bit of stretch since they are made of a cotton and spandex mix, but different washes have a different percentage of spandex. The difference is small, ranging from 1% to 2% spandex.

3. Wrangler 13MWZ

If you’re in need of a solid pair of work pants, then look no further than these classic-fit Wranglers.

They feature a classic fit with natural-rise waist, bottoms that will slide over your boots with ease, strong double-out seams and high back pockets. They’ll feel comfortable from the moment you put them on in the morning to the moment you take them off at night.

Tough enough for cowboys at the rodeo, these sanforized denim jeans come in 16 different washes. Get yourself a few pairs for work and a few pairs for play.

You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear these jeans. For outdoor activities where tough, quality denim is needed, this is exactly what you need.

4. Nautica 1P3013

Hey you. Mr. “Picky Jeans” guy. Try a pair of these bad boys on and then let’s see what you have to say!

The fit and feel of these Nautica jeans is wonderful, not to mention they’re both affordable and stylish.

These are made of 100% cotton but that doesn’t mean they’re stiff as a board. They have some flex and aren’t too tight in the pockets.

For a comfortable, relaxed fit, try on a pair of these jeans.

5. Diesel 00107R0885K-900

Well, Diesel’s are certainly the most expensive jeans on our list, but the jeans are worth the investment.

They are well sewn, the denim is comfortable and for those who need a bootcut to balance out their proportions, these jeans are ideal.

In fact, Diesel has plenty of great jeans to choose from. Check out these Zathans if you like the bootcut, or number six on our list if you’re looking for something straight-legged in more colors.

We have something for all shapes and sizes on our list, so you’re bound to find something if you refer to our suggestions above.

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