10 Best Prom Dresses 2018

The prom represents one of the most important days of your life, so it goes without saying that choosing your prom dress shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to make an impression so that your classmates will still remember you even after the 20-year reunion.

If you are looking for the best dress to compliment your figure and your tastes, and that is also fashionable, this guide will offer you a couple of useful ideas. You will also discover some tips on how to choose the best prom dresses.

Things to Consider When Picking the Dress

Dresses look different on every woman depending on their body type. If you want to make sure the dress complements your best features, you need to know what your body type is.

  • Apple. Your midsection and bust are larger than your hips.
  • Pear. Your hips and thighs are the largest parts of your body.
  • Strawberry. Your top is heavier than the rest of your body, with larger shoulders.
  • Hourglass. Relatively small waist and well-balanced bust and hips.
  • Straight. Your hips, waist and bust are relatively the same width.

Each of these different types of bodies will require a different kind of dress. You just need to learn how to choose them.

Top 10 Prom Dresses Ultimate Chart

PictureNameMain FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMain FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Miusol Women's Elegant Illusion Floral Lace Cap Sleeve BridesmaidShort, A-Line$$4.6
2. PrettyGuide Women 's 1920s Black Sequin Gatsby Maxi LongLong, Mermaid$$4.5
3. Miusol Women's 1920'S Retro Floral Lace SleevelessLong, Mermaid$$4.5
4. Babyonlinedress® Mermaid Evening Dress for Women Formal Long Prom DressLong, Mermaid$$$4.5
5. Miusol Women's Casual Deep- V Neck Sleeveless Vintage MaxiLong, A-Line$$4.4
6. Ever Pretty Elegant Sleeveless Round Neck Evening Party Dress 08217Long, Drop-Waist$$$4.3
7. Miusol Women's Sleeveless Long Black Lace Split SideLong, Mermaid$$4.3
8. Anni Coco Women's Halter Polka Dots 1950s Vintage SwingShort, A-Line$4.3
9. Babyonline®2016 off shoulder lace red Mermaid Evening FormalLong, Mermaid$$$$4.1
10. HTYS 2016 Gradient Color Prom Evening Dress Beaded BallLong, A-Line$$$4.1

Buying Tips for Dresses

As already mentioned, when you buy your dress, you need to pay attention to your body type. Each dress was designed to complement your best features, which is why you need to choose smart.

  • A-Line Dress. A dress that fits around your waist and then fans out into a triangle shape. Perfect for every body size, especially pear and hourglass.
  • Trapeze. Similar to the A-line dress, but it starts at the shoulder instead of the waist. Perfect for apple-shaped body types.
  • Mermaid. Fits snuggly on your body until just below your hips or above your knees where it starts to fan out. Perfect for hourglass and pair types, but also looks good on straight forms.
  • Sheath. These dresses tie around the waist, but flow on the rest of your body. Perfect for pear-shaped and hourglass shapes.
  • Shift. Similar to the sheath dress, it simply falls down from the shoulder, without being tied in the middle. Perfect for apple or straight body types.
  • Drop-Waist. Waistline starts near your upper hips, lengthening your torso. Perfect for apple and straight shapes.

Looking through the best prom dresses, you will also need to choose the length depending on the form of your legs. For example, if you have long, lean-looking legs, you may want to emphasize them by wearing a short, knee-level dress.

Top 5 Best Prom Dresses Reviews

1. Miusol Women’s Elegant Illusion Floral Lace

This dress by Miusol is very flattering for women with an hourglass or a pear shape, as it hugs you right around the waist and starts flowing downwards, stopping right at your knees. You will receive compliments wherever you will go.

The design is simple yet elegant. It has a subtle floral lace over what looks like a classy V-shaped dress with a floral design at the margins. This will compliment you very well, even if you do not have a wide bust. The attention will drop on your waist.

The fabric feels great and soft on the skin, definitely giving off the feeling of high quality. It’s heavy enough so as to not flutter around when you start dancing and stretchy enough so that it can fit you like a glove.

This is the kind of dress that will make your belly disappear so that you can feel as beautiful as you are. It will compliment slender types but also plus-size women perfectly. Prepare for the night of your life with this gorgeous dress! You may want to wear a nude bra underneath.

2. PrettyGuide Women ‘s 1920s Black Sequin

This dress will make you feel like an Egyptian princess from the 1920s. It can only be described as beautiful and absolutely exquisite. It rivals the more expensive looking gowns found in designer shops and will make you look like a diva while paying a pretty affordable price.

While it may seem a bit heavy because it is covered in sequins, this dress is definitely high quality and pretty well made. The sequins will not fall off since they are sturdily strapped to the dress.

The flowing chiffon looks beautiful and completes the mermaid look beautifully. The back is also exposed, allowing you that elegant, sexy look that all women are looking for. That guy you have been crushing on will definitely notice you in this dress.

The sewing is well-done and won’t come undone. You can dance your heart out without worrying that the dress will rip at the most inopportune moment.

3. Miusol Women’s 1920’S Retro Floral

This mermaid-type dress will do a fantastic job at emphasizing your curves in an elegant way.

This backless long gown will give you that sensual yet mysterious look that will turn heads wherever you go in the prom hall.

What makes this dress so convenient is the fact that it fits snuggly even if you gain a few (or more) centimeters around the middle, because the material is pretty elastic. So if you want to use the dress even after the prom and you happen to become pregnant, the dress will still fit snuggly around your belly.

The floral lace design is also beautiful, and it will engulf you in that feeling of wonderful mystery that every woman is looking for.

4. Babyonlinedress® Mermaid Evening Dress

This is the type of dress that fools people – but in a good way. It looks shoulderless but isn’t exactly that – because the top is made from a transparent material made to give off that impression.

You’ll look like a diva as this dress emphasizes your curves and fits you perfectly. The material is elastic enough to shape itself around the form of your body, making you look sexy, yet classy and beautiful as you conquer the dance floor.

The design on the top part is carefully made so that it will be durable. Since there are no beads or sparkles, there’s no chance of anything falling off.

5. Miusol Women’s Casual Deep- V Neck

This dress is perfect for the ladies that are a bit bigger around the hips. It hugs your waist snuggly and falls loosely down your waist, putting emphasize on your bust rather than your behind.

The V-neck will attract attention to your bust (this will be even more convenient if you have some nice shapes there), and the laced back will bring the attention up rather than sending it down.

It’s simple, yet elegant and sexy at the same time.

The best prom dresses shouldn’t be chosen solely based on how they look on the model, but on how they complement your own body type. So no matter if you are a pear shape, a straight shape or an hourglass shape, there is definitely a dress that is perfect for you as well.

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