10 Best Push-Up Bras

All ladies require a push-up bra now and then. Whether it’s to surprise a boyfriend or rock that cocktail dress with nice cleavage, they need to choose the perfect bra that will make them look like divas.

If you are searching for the best push-up bra, then you came to the right place. This guide will give you a few tips on which bra can enhance your cleavage and fit you properly.

Plus, the right push-up bra will also take the pressure off your back so that you can stand tall, confident… and with your cleavage up-front.

Tips for Choosing Push-Up Bras

Choosing your push-up bra can literally be considered an art. It would help if you took into account your breasts’ shape first before purchasing a random push-up bra.

For example, if your breasts are shallow and you often experience the “quadriboob” effect (you can’t always fill the bottom of your cup), your best choice may be to go for a demi cup push-up bra.

On the other hand, if your breasts are already large enough but you want to “bring them together,” you may want to go for a deep plunge or a double padded bra.

However, you may want to avoid deep plunges if your breasts are far apart. In these cases, you can go for a demi-cup bra again.

Lastly, you will also need to consider your outfit when choosing a push-up bra. If you have a shoulderless dress, you may want to go for the classic strapless push-up bra.

If the dress is completely backless, a silicone push-up bra may be the best choice for you. The silicone will stick to your breast and bring your cleavage together without using any ugly straps.

Types of Push-Up Bras

The best push-up bra will only prove to be the best for you if you choose it for the right effect. Here are the main types of push-up bras:

  • Demi Cup Push-Up Bra – An upper edge bra style that falls lower than the average bra, leaving your bust standing higher and your cleavage going inwards. The ideal design for larger breasts creates more uniform cleavage and lifts your breasts for a more firm appeal.
  • Adjustable Cleavage Bra – These can work as regular bras because you can take out the padding and adjust it manually. The Padding will give you some more volume and increase the push-up effect. Whereas removing the padding creates less volume and less of a dramatic effect.
  • Deep-Plunge Bra – A demi cup may be a low cut, but this one is even lower. It’s intended to provide a good lift even if you plan on wearing a very low-cut top. These bras are ideal for wearing very low-cut tops and dresses and will still provide excellent cleavage and lifting.
  • Double Padded Push-Up Bra – It has twice the amount of padding as the average push-up bra and can earn you up to two cups in size. This push-up bra will add volume to your cup size and also has a more dramatic push-up effect in general, making your breasts look fuller and firmer.
  • Strapless Push-Up Bras –  These represent a strapless version of the demi-cup bra that will lift and bring your cleavage together without using any straps. Best to use if you are wearing a backless top.
  • Silicone Push-Up Bras – Rather new on the market, these bras bring your breasts together, creating that deep cleavage effect. They’re perfect for wearing backless dresses. They are basically nipple covers that have a push-up effect.

Each type of bra has its own benefits. You should choose one that fits your purpose, appeal, and style.

Features of a Good Push Up Bra

  • Materials – Most Pushes up bras consist of either polyester, Nylon, or polyamides, some maybe cotton. Elastane and spandex are used for stretchability.
  • Design – Pish Up bras have a design that lifts and pushes up your breasts. The cups offer medium coverage and usually have underwire support and padding, depending on the brand.
  • Options – Push up bras are available in a variety of colors, as well as plus and standard size options depending on the brand and model.

Push Up Bra vs Padded Bra

What is the difference between a push-up bra and a padded bra?
Here is a short video that will explain the differences.

Reviews: The Best Push Up Bras

Here is the list of our top favorite brands and models in Push Up Bras;

  • The Bra consists of durable nylon, spandex, and Polyester.
  • It is available in more solid colors, as well as plus and regular sizes.
  • There are cup sizes up to DDD in this bra model.
  • The bra has a push-up design.

A comfortable seamless, underwire push-up bra design from Felina.
  • The bra consists of nylon and spandex with a classic silhouette.
  • The design has a hidden wire for a seamless appeal that is more comfortable and fashionable.
  • The bra offers fitted comfort and a push-up effect to give you a more uniform silhouette.
  • More color options are available.

We have a stunning push-up design bra that lifts and supports from Maidenform.
  • This is a Nylon Lace, Rayon, Spandex, and Machine washable bra.
  • It has a full push-up design.
  • The bra is available in plus size and larger cup size options.
  • It has hook and eyelet back closures and fully adjustable convertible straps.
  • There are also more colors available.

The Wacoal Push Up Bra has a low center deeper plunge design and comfortable stretchy straps.
  • The Wacoal bra is available in a black and nude color option only.
  • It is a Nylon and spandex fabric that must be hand washed.
  • The bra has a clean finish with stretchable inserts.
  • The straps and back straps stretch for comfort,
  • There is a low center plunge and push-up design.
  • the bra is ideal for wearing tops and dresses with a shallow neckline.


The smart and sexy push-up bra is available in plus sizes and DD cup sizes.

  • A nylon and spandex bra with hook and eyelet closure system.
  • The bra offers push-up support and availability in DD cup sizes.
  • There are a few neutral colors available.
  • The bra is comfortable with extra wide side and back smoothing panels.


A stunning floral lace decorated push-up bra from ToVii.

  • A comfortable push up style bra is available in DD and DDD cup size options.
  • The bra is available in many colors to choose from as you wish.
  • It offers excellent [ush up support and has an underwire.
  • The cups are soft and lined for comfort.


A stunning push-up, Balconette design bra from Rosme.

  • A Nylon, cotton, and spandex bra are available in more colors.
  • The bra has a push-up design and underwire for support,
  • The straps are adjustable and padded for comfort.
  • There are also DD cup sizes available.


The Calvin Klein Support bra has a push-up effect and adjustable back straps.

  • A Nylon and elastane bra with a Hook and eyelet closure.
  • The bra has adjustable back straps and a heat seal logo.
  • There are a lightly lined silhouette and liquid silicone wings.
  • This is luxurious and soft against the skin, with smooth and seamless linings inside.


The Wacoal Push Up Bra is a very comfortable design for wearing underneath t-shirts.

  • This is a nylon and Spandex bra that has a leotard back design.
  • It is a Low plunge push-up design with an embroidered frame.
  • There are a seamless underwire and cups for wearing with a T-Shirt.
  • There are some more color options available to you in this bra model.


Looking for something strapless and backless, why not go for the Intily smooth push-up nipple covers.

  • These are reusable nipple covers with a push-up effect.
  • They allow you to wear a strapless dress or top and something backless.
  • They come in a solid nude color and offer good coverage.
  • The covers consist of soft and lightweight materials.


Index Table: Top Rated Push Up Bras

1Deyllo Women's Lace - Push Up Bra
  • Colors Available
  • Lace Decoration
  • Push Up Design
2Felina Women's Push Up Bustier - Push Up Corset
  • Hidden Wire
  • Push Up
  • Seamless
3Maidenform Women's Love The Lift - DD Cup Push Up Bra
  • Push Up
  • Plus Sizes
  • Adjustable Straps
4Wacoal Women's Plunge Style Bra - Best Plunge Push Up Bra
  • Low Center deep Plunge
  • Stretchy Straps
5Smart and Sexy Women's Curvy - Plus Size Push Up Bra
  • Lace
  • Push Up
  • Plus Sizes
Smart and Sexy98
6ToVii Women's Flral - Cheap Push Up Bra
  • Floral Lace
  • Push Up
  • Colors Available
7Rosme Women's balconette - Padded Strap Extreme Push Up Bra
  • Push Up
  • Padded Straps
  • Balconette
8Calvin Klein Women's Support Bra - Best Push Up Bra for Small Chest
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Push Up Design
Calvin Klein97.2
9Wacoal Women's Push-Up Bra for DD Cup - Best Push Up Bra for Plus Size
  • Stretch Foam Cups
  • Low Plunge
  • Adjustable Straps
10Bothyoung Women's Invisible Lift Up Bra - Nipple Covers for Dresses
  • Strapless
  • Backless
  • Nipple Covers

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