Best Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs

You do not have to stay off the beach or away from the pool just because of a little cellulite.

There are many excellent options in bathing suits that will quickly get the attention off your cellulite thighs.

So if you want to know more, please follow with our best bathing suits for cellulite thighs.

Dressing with Cellulite Thighs

Besides just your swimsuit for this summer, here are a few tips on how to dress to hide cellulite thighs;

  • Leggings – Leggings, make sure you do not opt for the thinnest type, are an excellent way to hide cellulite thighs. They are cool, comfortable, and the right materials can even be worn over a bathing suit to hide cellulite thighs.
  • Darker Colors – Black and darker colors have a slimming effect, and they are also ideal for hiding cellulite on your more prominent thighs.
  • Bathing Suits – Generally, when it comes to a bathing suit for cellulite thighs, I would say that you opt for bottoms or a style with a longer length that covers your thighs. A swim dress or skirt is also a great idea and much more feminine.
  • Distraction – On the other hand, wearing printed tops or even bottoms may distract attention from the cellulite on your thighs.
  • Body Shapers – Body-shaping underwear and bottoms may reduce the appearance of cellulite and also make your thighs look much slimmer underneath your favorite swimsuit or sundress.

Hiding Cellulite Underneath a Bathing Suit

Getting rid of cellulite is not the easiest task, as we all know. One thing you can do is hide it a bit, especially cellulite on your thighs;

  • Get a Tan – This is one of my favorite tricks, not just for cellulite but for stretch marks as well. A tanned body looks much more toned, and the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite is so much less.
  • The Right Swimsuit – To hide cellulite on your thighs, you can do two things, distract or cover up. You can wear a distracting colorful top or bathing suit that draws people’s eyes away from your thighs or impress with your beautiful bust in a cleavage showing bikini top. Secondly, you can wear a longer-length bottom or swim skirt or dress covering most of your thighs.
  • Body Makeup – Although you will need to opt for proper waterproof makeup, somebody’s makeup can also hide cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Hot Water and Coffee Scrub – If these a little trade secret I can share with you, then it is a hot shower and a coffee scrub. It is one of the things that actually does help to take away some cellulite.

Features of a Good Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs

Swimsuit Cellulite

  • Materials – Most bathing suits consist of polyester or nylon, with spandex or elastane for stretchability.
  • Design – Generally, I would suggest either a swim dress or skirt or a longer-length bottom with any bathing suit of your choice to hide cellulite on your thighs.
  • Fit – You will need to look for a bathing suit available in your size and fit.
  • Options – Bathing suits are available in various styles, colors, and prints, depending on the brand and model. I have chosen a few different styles in the review list, mostly having more options in size and color.

Reviews: Best Bathing Suits for Cellulite Thighs

Listed below are some swimsuit styles and designs that work well to hide thighs with cellulite;

The Zando Athletic Swimsuit will easily cover Cellulite thighs and comes in so many colors and prints.
  • The high-quality swimsuit consists of soft and durable polyester and elastane for stretch.
  • There are many colors and prints available from which you can choose.
  • The bottom has a boy short design that is much more appealing for cellulite on their thighs.
  • The top has a loose frill design that is fashionable and gives some bulk to your breasts to take the focus off your thighs.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%99

The Sidefeel Swimsuit set has a longer-length bottom to hide cellulite on your thighs and a tan-type top.
  • This is a tankini set.
  • The bottom is longer in length to hide cellulite, and the looser top hides a tummy.
  • The set comes in many colors and size options.
  • It is soft, comfortable, and very stretchable.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%98.25

The Actloe Two Piece Swimsuit Provides excellent leg coverage to hide cellulite.
  • This is a swimsuit dress design.
  • The bottom is almost knee-length, which hides cellulite thighs.
  • The dress gives you a more appealing hourglass figure shape to your body.
  • There are also more colors and patterns available in this swimsuit style.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%97.5

The Zando swim dress has a shape-enhancing design and a longer-length bottom for cellulite thighs.
  • A colorful and flattering swim dress that gives good coverage and a comfortable fit.
  • The swim dress is also ideal as summer wears to the beach or pool, beach and pool parties, and other events and occasions.
  • It is available in more colors and prints as well as size options.
  • The top is designed to provide optimal tummy control.
  • The bottom has a longer fit to hide cellulite on your thighs.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.25

The Zkess Swimsuit features a knee-length bottom that will hide unsightly cellulite on your thighs.
  • The swimsuit consists of durable nylon and spandex for stretch.
  • It comes in many available colors and prints as well as sizes up to XXXL plus sizes.
  • The longer-length bottom is perfect for hiding unsightly cellulite on your thighs.
  • The top can be chosen in options with or without a front zipper.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%95.25


  • The Coco ship swimsuit is ideal for hiding larger thighs and providing a slimmer silhouette.
  • It consists of 82% Nylon and elastane.
  • The bathing suit has a drawstring closure and comes in quite a few flattering colors and prints.
  • There are regular and plus-size options available.


  • The Tankini from American Trends will also help to hide your cellulite thighs.
  • It ai available in many colors and prints.
  • There is a tankini top and a longer-length bottom.
  • The tankini consist of polyamide and elastane materials.


  • This is a plus-size swim dress from Hollipick that will provide great coverage.
  • It also has available in many colors and prints.
  • The swim dress design covers your thighs and unsightly cellulite.
  • It is, however, only available in plus sizes.


  • This is another tankini design from Zando.
  • The bottoms offer good coverage for cellulite thighs.
  • There is a tankini design top.
  • The bathing suit is available in more colors and plus sizes.

Index Table: Top Rated Bathing Suits for Cellulite Thighs

1Zando Atletic Women's V-Neck - Cellulite Thigh’s Bathing Suit
  • Two Pieces
  • Longer Bottom
  • Many Colors and Prints
Zando Atletic99
2Sidefeel Women's Tribal Print - Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs
  • Full Bottom
  • Tank Top
  • Many Colors and Options
3Actloe Women's Two Piece - Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs
  • Two Piece
  • Swimdress
  • Longer Bottom
  • Colors Available
4Zando Women's One Piece - Tummy Control Cellulite Thigh’s Bathing Suit
  • Swimdress
  • Tummy Control
  • Longer Bottoms
  • Colors Available
5Zkess Women's Block - Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs
  • Long Bottom
  • Color Options
  • Plus and Standard Sizes
6Cocoship Women's Vintage - Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs
  • Skirtini
  • Color Options
  • Plus Sizes
7American trends Women's Tankini - Cellulite Thighs Bathing Suit
  • Tankini and Bottom
  • Longer Bottom
  • Color Options
American trends97.2
8Holipick Women's Plus Size - Bathing Suit for Cellulite Thighs
  • Plus Sizes
  • Color Options
  • Swim Dress
9Zando Women's Plus Size - Cellulite Thighs Bathing Suit
  • Tankini
  • Tummy Control
  • Color Options

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