Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear

If you enjoy swimming in a swimming pool or swim as a sport, even if you are a plus size, then it might be time to think about the wear and tear of your swimwear and how the chlorine in your pool may be affecting it.

Most swimwear, particularly plus-sized, is not designed to withstand regular use in chlorinated water and may become damaged, stretched, or faded.

Therefore, the best Chlorine resistant plus-sized swimwear may be exactly what you need.

Why opt for Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Traditional swimwear fabrics have a nylon and elastane blend or polyester that deteriorate with constant exposure to chlorine.

Lycra in elastane has nitrogen in the fabric blend, which in its molecular structure bonds with chlorine. The chlorine generally also smells bonds with our skin and hair and lingers for a while.

Over time chlorine starts eating into the fibers of your swimwear, causing fabric degradation, even if you are not using the swimsuit.

As you will see, there will be sand-like grains on the fabric appearing first, and as the elastic fibers break, the fabric becomes see-through and saggy.

Chlorine-resistant swimwear is originally used by competitive swimmers to prevent this, and today also comes in a range of styles, colors, standard, and plus sizes for everyone.

How to Care for Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

So, you have found the perfect chlorine-resistant swimsuit in your plus size and are very happy with your purchase. Well, here are a few tips to properly take care of your swimsuit so that it lasts you many years to come.

  • Avoid Contact with Rough Surfaces – Be careful with rough surfaces as the material may snag and can start pilling.
  • Rinse Your Swimsuit – After swimming, rinse your swimsuit in cool fresh water to remove excess chlorine and chemicals.
  • No Hot Water – Do not rinse your swimsuit in hot water or take a hot shower with it. The hot water can deteriorate the rubber in the leg and arm openings.
  • Don’t Leave Wet Swimsuits Rolled Up In a Towel – Heat and moisture can cause bacteria and mold to grow when you leave your swimsuit rolled up wet with other clothes or in a towel.

Features of Good Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear

Halcurt Chlorine Resistant

  • Materials – As you will see, mostly nylon and spandex are used in chlorine-resistant swimwear, with some polyester designs and technologies that also offer good chlorine resistance.
  • Design – Chlorine-resistant swimwear is generally one-pieces or more sporty in design because they are designed for competitive swimmers. However, you may find a few more designs and fashionable fits, such as bikinis and tankinis, that are likewise chlorine resistant.
  • Options – There should be both plus and standard size options available in most chlorine-resistant swimwear brands and models. You can also select form color and prints depending on the specific model and what is available for that model.

Reviews: Best Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear

Here is our list of Chlorine resistant swimwear that is available in plus size options;


The Halcurt Chlorine Resistant swimsuit is a one-piece design available in plus size options.

  • The swimsuit consists of durable and chlorine-resistant nylon and spandex.
  • It is available in more colors and sizes from which you can choose as you wish.
  • The design is a one-piece color block aerobic fit swimsuit.
  • It is comfortable and flattering as well as chafe resistant, which is quite convenient.


Speedo is a top brand when it comes to swimwear, and this is a Chlorine resistant one-piece swimsuit from them, available in plus size options.

  • Speedo swimsuits are ideally designed for competitive swimmers.
  • They are chlorine resistant, and this model offers larger plus-size options.
  • It comes in more colors and consists of 100% durable polyester, which is ideally Chlorine-resistant and very durable.
  • The swimsuit is machine washable and colorfast.
  • It also provides excellent UV resistance, so you can enjoy the sunshine.


The Splice Lap One Piece Bathing Suit from Halcurt is available in plus size options and chlorine resistant.

  • A comfortable one-piece swimsuit is available in plus size options.
  • It consists of nylon and spandex that are fully chlorine resistant.
  • It has a racerback sporty design and a very comfortable fit,
  • The color block design is eye-catching and flattering.


The Baleaf Two Piece Swimsuit is available in larger size options and has chlorine-resistant materials.

  • With this design, you can choose from a one-piece or two-piece fit in a few solid color options.
  • It is available in more sizes for plus-sized ladies, as well as standard size options.
  • The materials ate fully Chlorine-resistant and durable, and they also offer good abrasion resistance and UV protection.
  • The one-piece has a ruched tummy area to flatten your tummy and make you look more streamlined.


Swimsuits Just for Us cater specifically to plus-sized ladies, and this is their chlorine-resistant two-piece swimsuit.

  • The Polyester two-piece swimsuit is fully chlorine resistant.
  • It is available in plus sizes and has a very flattering fit for curvy ladies.
  • There are a few solid colors available to you.
  • The design is a loose tankini top with shorts.


From Land’s End, we have a scoop neck one-piece swimsuit that is chlorine resistant and available in plus size options.

  • This chlorine-resistant swimsuit is a poly-blend with recycled polyester.
  • It has a color-blocking design for a more streamlined look on curvier ladies,
  • There are sewn-in soft cups for your comfort and X-back straps that stay in place.
  • The swimsuit is likewise available in larger sizes for plus-sized ladies, as well as standard size options.


The Syrokan two-piece athletic style swimsuit offers larger sizes and chlorine-resistant materials.

  • This is an athletic bikini set also available in larger size options.
  • The Polyester spandex and nylon materials offer good chlorine resistance,
  • It has a moderate coverage top and a small bikini bottom.
  • I would ideally use it with a pair of swim shorts as the bottom is quite revealing for a plus-sized lady.
  • The fabric is also colorfast, as well as chlorine resistant.

Index Table: Top Rated Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear

1Halcurt Women's Block - Plus Sized Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
  • One Piece
  • Chlorine Resistant Colors Available
  • Plus Sizes
2Speedo Women's Pebble - Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear
  • Textured
  • Plus Sozes
  • Chlorine Resistant
3Halcurt Women's Splice - Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear
  • One Piece
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Plus Sizes
4Baleaf Women's Workout - Plus Sized Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
  • Bikini Set
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Plus Sizes
5Swimsuits Just for Us Women's - Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Two Piece
  • Plus Sizes
Swimsuits Just for Us94.8
6Land’s End Women's Scoop Neck - Plus Sized Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • One Piece
  • Plus Sizes
Land’s End97
7Syrokan Women's Athletic - Chlorine Resistant Plus Sized Swimwear
  • Two Piece
  • Athletic Style
  • Plus Sizes

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